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Provider overview

For some providers, the service creates additional information in property or Contact records, such as links to websites, tours, or even results for property appraisals.

For this purpose, the corresponding fields are automatically created and activated in onOffice enterprise.

For calculations, etc., these are performed when you save the data set.

You can see the result only after they have refreshed the view – for example, by reloading the tab.

Below is a brief explanation of the required data and fields for a selection of services.

Often, providers also have specific instructions for using their service on their websites.

We recommend checking these pages if you have questions and reading the instructions there.

With AreaButler, you can present the location of your properties in a target group-oriented way and thus inspire your customers – home staging for the location!

The service offers location analyses and interactive maps in its own design, making the work of estate agents easier and offering prospective buyers an exciting, more convenient way to discover the area surrounding a property.

The AI assistant writes location texts, property descriptions and entire brochure texts for you. AreaButler processes the facts of your properties and the results of the environmental analyses. This will help you find the better, qualified buyer faster and offer the seller the best service.

If AreaButler is activated in the Marketplace, you can access the service from a detailed property view via the Marketplace tab “Location”.

First enter the mobility and location data you want to have displayed on the location map for the free environment analysis.

Use the “Create analysis & map” button on the right to generate the location map, which appears on the “My maps” tab. All maps created for your properties are stored there. Meta information and other actions for the cards are displayed.

AreaButler - My cards

The maps can then be further edited via “Open editor”. The other options are self-explanatory.

AreaButler - My map

The selected locations and further information are displayed and can be configured on the right. You can set whether the exact address of the property and the property itself are displayed on the map. The camera symbol at the bottom left can be used to save map sections of the map currently displayed. They will then appear on the right under “Exports >> Map sections” for further processing.

If you have booked the “Interactive Map Package” product, you can also publish an interactive map for your website or for your interactive brochure under “Exports >> Digital Media”. The map can be provided as a public link, QR code link or iFrame.

If you save the public link via “onOffice”, it will be saved in the property under “Details >> Administration” in the field “AreaButler URL with address” or “AreaButler URL without address”, depending on whether the address has been released.

The QR code link is saved in the property’s files.

Area Butler - Digital Media

Your currently booked packages are displayed on the “My products” tab and additional packages can be ordered.

AreaButler - My products

On the “My AI Assistant” tab, you can have the AI generate location, description or brochure texts for your property. A text corresponding to the settings is created via “Generate”.

AreaButler - My AI assistant

Via “Send to onOffice” the texts are saved in the corresponding free text fields of the property in onOffice enterprise. It is also possible to ask the AI general questions and to transform the text from the formal “you” form into the “you” form. You can set the text tonality, the preferred means of transport and other settings. Each time a text is generated, one unit of the “AI Assistant” package is consumed.

On the “My target groups” tab, you can store the data and wishes of certain interested parties as a profile so that you can contact them more easily. The profiles can then be used for the environment analysis.

AreaButler - My target groups

AreaButler - My real estateThe “My properties” tab lists all properties for which you have already used the service. All actions for the individual properties can also be called up from there.

Videos and further help:

A short video tutorial and other videos about AreaButler can be found here.
The features offered by AreaButler itself are documented here .


Backbone is a collaborative platform for property image production.

It allows you to order, store and manage all your visuals. All this from one place without any problems.

Order all types of imagery in 1 minute and get the results delivered in as little as 48 hours.

Photos, videos, virtual tours, floor plans, renderings, 3D stagings… and much more.

If Backbone is enabled in the Marketplace, access the service from a property detail view via “Backbone – Backbone Photo” using the action bar at the bottom.

Backbone place

In the first step, you specify the location of the image capture. The property data is taken directly from enterprise. In addition, the area of the property must be specified by a slider.

Backbone product

Then choose between the product types “Floor plan”, “Drone”, “Video” or “Virtual tour” and decide on a product.

Backbone appointment

Next, specify the desired date in the service. If desired, the order can also be given a name at reference.

Backbone summary

Finally, you will be shown the details of the order and you can buy the product via “Agree and order”.

Universal messaging platform

Get centralized access to emails, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Business or the live chat on your homepage. With the intelligent messaging platform from bots4you, you can bundle all communication channels for your company and enable your team to contact customers efficiently and easily.

Manage your customer chats in a ticket system and have communication histories of completed conversations automatically archived in onOffice enterprise as an activity.

Further information can be found at:

Test the universal messaging platform
Have we piqued your interest? Then we look forward to presenting our universal messaging platform to you in a live demo and answering any questions you may have about the range of functions or implementation.
Please feel free to contact us at:

After activation, you will receive detailed instructions and further information about your universal messaging platform. The service can be accessed via the Marketplace menu in the top menu bar.

For changes or adding FAQs, feel free to contact us:

The dashboard is a monitoring platform that shows the chatbot’s current and past activities and statistics. Employees can follow all current chats live there. Furthermore, numerous performance indicators can be read on the basis of defined key figures. Whether number and duration of chats, frequency of topics or number of users, all important key figures are clearly displayed.



ESYSYNC offers digital display systems for your salesrooms. You then control your advertising content online and centrally.
This way, you don’t waste time exchanging advertising content.

The entry in the Marketplace menu(Marketplace >> Esysync) will take you directly to the provider’s store.

Marketplace provider ESYSYNC, Shop


As an independent consulting and research company, FPRE has been involved in the digital analysis and valuation of residential and commercial property since 2006.

In addition to fully automated valuation and rental pricing models, users can access digital location data, machine-generated macro and micro location texts, and inventory ratings.

All data is available nationwide for each contact and is updated quarterly. FPRE’s data and models provide valuable input for your brochures and appraisals, helping to ensure efficient and reliable property analysis.

If FPRE is activated in the Marketplace, the service can be accessed at the top via “FPRE – Data and Ratings” in the Marketplace menu.

If you call up the service from a property detail view via “FPRE – Data and valuations from property” using the action bar at the bottom, the property data is transferred directly from enterprise and does not have to be entered separately.

The service will open in a popup where you can select the desired analysis. The individual analyses are explained in more detail in the service. Click on “View sample product” to get an impression of the analyses. The following analyses are available:

  • Location Analysis Compact – Residential
  • Location Analysis Compact – Office
  • Location Analysis Compact – Retail
  • Situation Dossier Complete – Community Check Housing
  • Situation dossier complete – community check trade
  • Quick assessment single family house
  • Quick valuation condominium

FPRE - Service

The analysis is created within a few minutes, and can be downloaded directly in the service as a PDF file or XLS file.

Via “Save files in onOffice” the files are saved in the property under “Files” on the “Internal” tab.

The text can also be saved via “Save text in onOffice” in onOffice in the property on the tab “Free text” as “Free text – FPRE Location”, the content will be overwritten. “Free text – FPRE location” is an additional free text field that is created when the service is activated.

FPRE - Example analysis

You will also receive an email with the analysis as a PDF file.


Infrastructure data is in high demand. For this reason Bitlane has developed a tool on behalf of onOffice that you can use free of charge via the Marketplace.
The Geolyzer offers an advanced site plan creation / good extension to the site plan.

The service will be unlocked just like any other service in the Marketplace.

If Geolyzer is enabled in the Marketplace, you can find the service in the property in the Files tab. There you will find the new category “Marketplace” on the right.

Marketplace provider Geolyzer from the Files tab of the call

Open Geolyzer Shop

Alternatively, the service can be opened from within a property via the Marketplace menu.

Marketplace provider Geolyzer, open store from menu bar

The popup with the Geolyzer opens. The contact of the property is automatically taken over:

  • ImmoNo.
  • Street, house number
  • Zip code, city

Attention: For correct functioning, the entered contact of the property must be correct.


By default, the “Maps” tab opens first with a map view of the location.

Marketplace provider Geolyzer, map representation of the property

You can zoom in the map and drag and drop the section to adjust it to your liking.

  • Points of Interest; Decide by checkbox which information is displayed in the map by icon. The data for the points of interest come from OpenStreetMap.
  • Map layout
    • Image format: Choose from the standard formats. Free definition of the format is not possible.
    • Image size: Determine the resolution, depending on how the site plan is to be output.
    • Colors: The color scheme can be customized (standard, gray or CI).

“Create map” generates a site plan according to your specifications and stores it with the file type “Site plan” in the files.

Attention: Please refresh the view of the property so that the map is visible with the files.


On this tab, the tool automatically calculates the distances to certain infrastructure points. The data comes from OpenStreetMap.

Marketplace provider Geolyzer, infrastructure distances of the property

Via “Change values”, the details can be adjusted, supplemented and saved as required.
The distances are automatically saved in the property on the “Details” tab under “Infrastructure”.


As before, you start marketing the property via your own homepage and your property platforms (Willhaben, Immobilienscout, etc.). You arrange visits withwith interested parties. Directly after the visitup to the conclusion immo-billie offers offers a digital offer process for all brokers And property developers. This ishappens completely automatically, transparently and in real time for all parties involved.

After viewing the property, the broker invites the Invites the interested party online to the digital Offer process process. Interested parties can submit an offer immediately (e.g. via smartphone)ben. After completion of the offer process the seller is presented with all Offers are presented and the broker finalizes the deal.

If immo-billie is activated in the Marketplace, you will find the service in the property in the Files tab. There you will find the new category “Marketplace” on the right.

You can download a PDF with instructions on how to use the service.

property floor plan

Immogrundriss lets you prepare and optimize existing floor plans. Immogrundriss automatically saves the new floor plans in the property.

If Immogrundriss is enabled in the Marketplace, you can find the service in the property in the Files tab. There you will find the new category “Marketplace” on the right.

Attention: The prerequisite for floor plan optimization is that you have saved a floor plan among the files, which is also declared with the file type “Floor plan”.

Marketplace provider in the Files tab of a property

With the button “Floor plans & visualizations” you can call the service of Immogrundriss.

Call Immogrundriss provider store

The Immogrundriss popup will open. Here you choose the product category (floor plans or visualizations) and then select the desired product.

After you have decided on a product, the provider guides you step-by-step through the ordering process. If data is missing, you will be notified.

Supplier store Immogrundriss

After the order is completed, the finished floor plan will be automatically saved in the files tab of the property within 1 – 2 business days.

All your properties on social media with just a few clicks!

Use this powerful tool to reach more people via social media. With the immosearch Social Media Connector you can easily share your properties on various social media platforms.

– Connect your social media accounts
– Share ready-made posts/properties with just a few clicks
– Property photos and texts already synchronized
– Schedule posts in the future and sit back
– Create your own posts

You can find detailed instructions on how to set up the provider here.

With immowriter , you can let artificial intelligence help you create your real estate texts and images.

If immowriter is activated in the Marketplace, call up the service in a property via the Marketplace icon at the bottom of the action bar (immowriter >> Open AI services). The service pop-up opens on the Texts tab.

Immowriter - Texts

All relevant information is transferred to the AI and you receive fully formulated texts describing the property in just a few minutes.

The “This property is an investment property” button is used to take this information into account when generating the text.

Suitable texts are then generated via “Generate texts now”.

immowriter - Edition

Specifically, 3 property descriptions and 3 location descriptions are generated for each property. You can copy the corresponding text to the clipboard via “Copy description”.

Via “Insert now” the text is written in onOffice enterprise in the free text field “Description” or “Location”.

You can have your real estate images optimized on the “Images” tab.

Immowriter - Pictures

You can make any requests to the AI on the “AI Chat” tab.

Immowriter - Chat

Kerberos Compilance

Kerberos Compliance Management Systems’ KYC (know your customer) solutions help you meet your obligations to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing under the Money Laundering Act.

In the context of a KYC order, Kerberos establishes the identity of your business partner and its beneficial owners and checks whether a politically exposed person exists in your business partner’s close environment. In addition, Kerberos determines whether your business partner comes from a high-risk country and/or is on sanctions lists or watchlists of authorities.

As a result, you will receive an individual risk report with concrete recommendations for action to reduce risk, which will enable you to carry out the specific business in compliance with the law up to a certain level of risk.

If Kerberos is enabled in the Marketplace, you can find the service in an contact via the Marketplace icon in the Actions bar via the button Kerberos Compliance-Managementsysteme GmbH.

When you click on the button, the service will open. The KYC exam can be performed for individuals and legal entities.

After filling in all the necessary data, place your order by clicking “Continue to payment”. Your individual risk report will be sent to you by email.

KIM real estate valuation

KIM onOffice is developed by Kröll & Haack GmbH. As experts in real estate valuation for many years, you have developed a solution for the valuation of real estate based on the current ImmoWertV 2021.

You can have your property valued according to ImmoWertV 2021 in just a few steps. KIM onOffice offers you the following features for this purpose:

– Valuation according to current ImmoWertV 2021 with normal production costs 2010
– Property valuation in just 7 steps
– Always up-to-date database (e.g. building price index, standard land values, …)
– Standardized valuation: Material value and income value
– Automatic data transfer from OnOffice incl. photos
– Output as professional market report (PDF / Word)

Adjustments are possible until you load the market report as a PDF/Word file into your account.

If KIM is activated in the Marketplace, you will find the service in the property via the Marketplace entry “KIM property valuation” in the lower action bar as soon as you have opened a property.

KIM Shop

A popup will open where you can order the real estate valuation. Please note that the payment process precedes the other steps, as the market value is already displayed when the data is entered. This allows you to see directly what effects each input has on it.

1. type of property selection

1. type of property selection

Select the type of property. This is highlighted in blue (here: Mixed use).
Then click on the blue “Next” button at the bottom.
The type of property is automatically selected if you have already entered the type of property in onOffice.
If you have already entered all the necessary data for the valuation in onOffice, the market value is displayed at the top left.

2. Equipment

2. Equipment

Select the equipment. This is highlighted in blue (here: medium).
Then click on the blue “Next” button at the bottom.

3. Address and location

3. Address and location

The address is automatically taken from onOffice.
Now enter the location using 1-5 stars.
Then click on the blue “Next” button.

4. Year of construction and degree of modernization

4. Year of construction and degree of modernization

Enter the year of construction. The year of construction is automatically transferred from onOffice if you have already entered it there.

Set the degree of modernization using the slider (1-20 points). Scheme e.g. with 8 points:

Degree of modernization

Then click on the blue “Continue” button below.

5. Space / Rent

5. Space / Rent

Enter the plot size.
Enter the living/usable space: 

  • Single-family house: living space only
  • Apartment: living space only
  • Apartment building: living space only
  • Mixed use: Living and usable space
  • Trade: Living and usable space

Enter the basic rent per month. For mixed use and apartment buildings, please enter the number of units in the building.
Click on “Next”.

6. Special features

6. Special features

Are there any special features? Enter the corresponding value here as an addition or deduction.
Then click on “Show result”.

7. Show result

7. Show result

The result is displayed. The table shows the bases automatically calculated on the basis of the information provided.
Click on a question mark to view further details.
The “Edit details” button allows you to fine-tune the result:

7. Show result

These parameters can be changed here: 

  • Standard ground value
  • Remaining useful life
  • Construction price index
  • Property interest rate
  • Operating costs

Further details are visible by clicking on a question mark.
Click on “Back” to return to the results page and the market value is updated.

8. Save and finalize report

8. Save and finalize report

If all entries are correct, the process can be completed. Please select the desired file format (Word and/or PDF).
Finally, click on “Complete evaluation”.

Click on “Exit KIM” in the following dialog if the report is to be loaded into the onOffice account. The valuation is then complete and can no longer be changed. Otherwise, click on “Back” and change the entries. The report is saved in the “Files” tab of the properties.

9. Notice

Before starting the evaluation, you can prepare your photos in onOffice under “Files” for use in the KIM report as follows (please make sure that the “Own homepage / API” is checked in the “Publication” category):

In the example above, the cover image is defined in onOffice: 

  1. select the future cover image for editing (image is framed in red)
  2. in the column on the right, specify the file type “Cover picture” (see arrow on the right)
  3. now save your changes in the onOffice navigation.

The selected cover image appears on the cover page of the KIM report.
Other types of images are inserted into the KIM report in the same way as the “cover image”:

Save time, increase chances of success. With the Lead Importer, you can say goodbye to manually entering address or property data from emails in the future. The Lead Importer processes all types of leads in a matter of seconds and is fully automated.

The result? Duplicate-checked and linked data records that integrate seamlessly into your processes, e.g. via task or push notification. A brief guide to the Lead Importer and other options for actively saving time, such as digital property recording or the key figures tool, can be found on the provider’s website.


The maps 4 you service offersup-to-date and qualified maps in various presentations.

With just a few clicks, you can create any map section you want yourself and determine the size, section and scale of the map section you want.

If maps 4 you is unlocked in the Marketplace, call up the service in a property via the Marketplace icon in the Actions bar.

Call maps 4 you

The popup for the maps 4 you service opens. The required information on the location of the property is transferred from onOffice. 

There are 2 map displays and a satellite view to choose from via the drop-down in the upper left corner.

Set the desired zoom level and define the desired map section using the options on the right.

If desired, you can also set your logo as a watermark for the card.

Via “Order map” you trigger your product order; the created map will be visible shortly afterwards on the file tab in the concerned property in enterprise.

RENTERCHECK is a German company that specializes in matching prospective tenants with landlords. The company offers an online platform on which landlords, real estate agents, property managers, etc. can check potential tenants through tenant ratings and credit checks.

The tenant check checks the creditworthiness of your potential tenants in the largest databases in Europe – always in compliance with data protection regulations and updated daily.

The service works in the context of an address. This means that you call up the tenant check from the detailed view of an address via the action bar at the bottom.

Tenant check - Call

A pop-up window opens in which the data of the selected person is already pre-filled. A sample report is displayed on the right-hand side as an example.

Tenant check - Service

After you have filled in the mandatory fields and clicked on “Continue”, you will be taken to the payment page. After completing the payment, you can download the desired credit check as a PDF.

The downloaded PDF file can then be found under the “Files” section in onOffice enterprise on the “Files” tab of the relevant address.



Ogulo provides you with both the hardware and the digital solution for creating high-quality 360° tours. This makes your property come alive.

If Ogulo is enabled in the Marketplace, you can find the service in the property in the Files tab. There you will find the new category “Marketplace” on the right side

Marketplace provider in the Files tab of a property

By clicking on the button “Create Ogulo tour” you call the service of Ogulo.

ogulo supplier store call

The popup to Ogulo opens. Here you can immediately create the presentation for the 360° tour.

Marketplace provider ogulo- upload pictures in the store

In this screen you create floors and other areas, upload the shots and publish the presentation.

Link users

In the Ogulo popup, the “Link existing user” button appears in the upper right corner. With this function you link your existing Ogulo profile with onOffice and can synchronize both profiles. The provider will guide you through the appropriate steps.

Subsequently link an existing tour to a property

The linking of the property is a prerequisite for the correct processing of the tours in onOffice. Only if the property is correctly assigned at Ogulo, you can send the invitation to a 360° tour from onOffice.

You can subsequently assign your property from onOffice enterprise in the settings of a 360° tour. For this purpose, the ImmoNr. with the onOffice interface must be entered there as “External connection”.

onOffice PhotoDesigner

When you upload images for a property to onOffice enterprise, it often happens that you still need to make changes. Occasionally the format, or the contrast must be increased.

For easy and intuitive editing of your images, PhotoDesigner has now been added. The use is free of charge.

With this service you can crop your images in different formats, make color corrections and add watermarks.

The edited image can be exported directly back to onOffice enterprise at the click of a button.

The service will be unlocked just like any other service in the Marketplace.

If PhotoDesigner is enabled in the Marketplace, you can find the service in the property on the Files tab. There you will find the new category “Marketplace” on the right.

You can find a corresponding video about the photo designer here.

Call PhotoDesigner

Under the following conditions, you can access and edit images via the “PhotoDesigner” button in a separate tab:

  • An image must be selected by double-clicking on it.
  • A maximum of one image may be selected.
  • Only image files may be used.
  • Only files in the “External” tab can be selected.

In PhotoDesigner, the toolbar with various editing options is located on the left side.

You will find the function “Crop / Rotate” with which you can set different formats. Among other things, you can find the perfect crop for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

PhotoDesigner interface

Furthermore, there are various correction options for color, contrast or brightness. These can be found under the two headings “Basics” and “Finer points”. With the adjustment through the sliders, you thus optimally adapt the image to your needs.

PhotoDesigner corrections

So that you can now individualize the image even further, PhotoDesigner offers the possibility to add your own watermarks. Thus, your logo, but also various other graphics can be included. You can remove your uploaded logos / stickers at any time under Marketplace → PhotoDesigner → Settings.

PhotoDesigner Sticker

Once the optimizations on the image are completed, you can use the “Export to onOffice” button in the upper right corner so that the image is exported directly to the property and exchanged.

PhotoDesigner Library


With the free onOffice AI-Writer service, you can let artificial intelligence help you write your real estate texts.

All relevant information is transferred to the AI and you receive a fully formulated text describing the property in less than a minute.

If AI-Writer is activated in the Marketplace, call up the service in a property via the Marketplace icon in the action bar. The service pop-up opens.

AI-Writer selection

Use “Free text” to select the type of real estate text you would like to create. As options you can choose between “Property description”, “Location description”, “Equipment” or “Other information”. The data used will then be displayed under “Real estate data / Instruction”.

You can also provide further instructions or information about the property, which will then be taken into account when creating the text. Example: “Property has electric shutters and underfloor heating”.

Under “Writing style” you can choose between “Formal”, “Youthful” or “Bullet point style”. Use the “Imagination” slider to set how creative you want the AI to be when creating text.

A suitable text is then generated via “Generate suggestion” and displayed as a “Text suggestion”.

AI-Writer results

You can make further changes to the text via “Change request / Update proposal”. Click on “Reset” to return to the selection and change the type of text and the writing style. As a result, the AI forgets the previous entries and a completely new text can be generated. If you are satisfied with the generated text, you can transfer it to the corresponding free text field in enterprise via “Save free text”.

onOffice Services – Gender API

Let the Gender API and a bulk update determine the gender of your Contact record. Here, the Gender API recognizes which salutation must be stored based on the first name, if this contains “no specification”.

If a name cannot be determined in the specified region, a global match starts to determine the salutation. If this also does not produce any results, various filters are used to analyze whether there are other spellings for the name.

If the GenderAPI has been enabled in the Marketplace, you can find the service via “Marketplace > Gender API”. The service can be accessed from anywhere.

A popup will open showing you how many contacts have not yet entered a salutation. Via “Update salutation” the salutation is set in the contacts. It is possible that for some names no suitable salutation can be found.

onOffice Services - Gender API

onOffice Services – Newsletter Connector

Newsletter Connector

With the newsletter connector, you can connect onOffice enterprise to the well-known newsletter marketing services Mailchimp and Brevo.
You can easily start and evaluate your newsletter campaigns with both services. All addresses in onOffice that have agreed to receive the newsletter are transferred to the newsletter services and created there as contacts.
You can find instructions for both services directly at Mailchimp or Brevo. There you will find detailed information on configuring and sending newsletter campaigns.

If errors occur during the synchronization of all or individual contacts, please check the server status pages of the providers first.

Setting up the interface
To connect the newsletter marketing services, proceed as follows:

    1. Create an account with Mailchimp / Sendinblue.
      For Mailchimp, the audience (group of recipients) must be called “onoffice” (not onOffice!). If this does not exist, it is created by activating the interface in the subsequent step. The prerequisite for this is the ability to create additional audiences. Please check this. The free Mailchimp account only allows one audience. Please rename them if necessary. In Sendinblue, the “list” will also be called “onoffice”. Furthermore, only German and English field names are supported here. (first name, last name, etc.)

      Do you already have an existing user account? Then please check at the latest before synchronization if you want to export recipient groups before synchronization. During synchronization, existing contacts are updated and tags are transferred to onOffice.

    2. Activate newsletter connector in the Marketplace

    3. Call up the Newsletter-Connector via the onOffice menu: “Marketplace” >> “Newsletter Connector” >> “Contact Synchronization” >> “Change Settings

    4. Select service (Mailchimp / Brevo)

    5. Save the API key of the service in the newsletter connector settings: In Mailchimp, click on your name at the bottom left and select “Account >> Extras >> API Keys” to look up the API key. In Mailchimp, click on your name at the top right under “SMTP & API”. Follow the link below the input field for detailed instructions.

  1. Newsletter Connector - Change settings

This establishes the connection to the service.

Note on synchronization with Brevo: The assignment of the fields (first name, last name, etc.) currently only works for the user languages German and English.


You can start the initial synchronization of addresses in the Newsletter Connector via “Marketplace > Newsletter Connector > Start synchronization”. All contacts whose newsletter setting is set to “Yes” will be synchronized. After that, changes to the “Salutation”, “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email”, “Newsletter” and “Newsletter Tags” fields are automatically synchronized in the background.

Please note that synchronization may take some time depending on the number of contacts to be synchronized. The display in the popup is not updated automatically. Please wait a few minutes before refreshing or reopening the pop-up.

In the newsletter tool itself, you can also see how the number of contacts steadily increases until all addresses have been synchronized.

Please note: the number of subscribers displayed in onOffice and the newsletter tool in the popup may differ slightly even after a complete synchronization.

Possible causes for this:

  • The newsletter provider rejects contacts (e.g. Mailchimp: Addresses that were previously deleted instead of archived. Further information from Mailchimp on cleansed contacts and deleted contacts).
  • Missing read permission for certain addresses in onOffice enterprise.
  • Email duplicates in onOffice enterprise, i.e. several addresses with the same email address. The email addresses in the newsletter tool must be unique.
  • Validity of email addresses. Addresses with an invalid or missing email address cannot be synchronized.

In the status bar below you will find further information on the number of duplicates and invalid email addresses as well as further information on the last synchronization.

Newsletter Connector - SynchronizationFurther information

In Mailchimp or Sendinblue, after saving the API key, a webhook is automatically created that controls the transfer of changes to onOffice.

The webhook can be found in Mailchimp under ” Audience (left menu) > Manage Audience > Settings > Webhooks > Edit”

Here you can define for which actions a transfer to onOffice should take place. For example, you can deactivate that an email activity should be created after sending a newsletter.

However, do not change the webhook URL manually, otherwise the service may no longer work.

The “via the API” option must not be activated under any circumstances, as otherwise a re-synchronization of all contacts will be triggered during synchronization.

In Brevo, the webhook can be configured under “Campaigns > Settings > Webhook”.

Webhook SIB

Special field “Salutation”
Salutations like “Dear Sir” / “Dear Madam” etc. are automatically created in Mailchimp or Brevo.
For this purpose, the field “Salutation” must be made visible in the Mailchimp contact table, if necessary.

What is transferred?

Full synchronization via the popup
OnOffice is basically the master system.
During a full synchronization, all contacts are transferred to the newsletter service whose “Newsletter” field has the value set to “Yes”.
If so-called “tags” are assigned in Mailchimp after a full synchronization, these will be transferred to onOffice during the next full synchronization. The “onoffice” tag is not taken into account here.
Tags are only transferred during full synchronization, i.e. individual changes in Mailchimp are not immediately transferred to onOffice.

In Sendinblue this possibility is not available, because only one tag can be assigned, which must be “onoffice”.

Transfer of individual changes from onOffice to the newsletter service
Basically, changes to the fields “Salutation”, “First name”, “Last name”, “Email contact”, “Newsletter” and “Newsletter tag” are taken into account.
Changing the values (Yes/No) in the “Newsletter” field will result in a Subscribe / Unsubscribe in Mailchimp or a Subscribe / Blacklisting in Brevo.
Newsletter tags can be controlled via onOffice. These are immediately transferred to Mailchimp. Tags can be both enabled and disabled.

Transfer of individual changes from the newsletter service to onOffice
In principle, all newsletter subscriptions and unsubscriptions are transferred to onOffice. This applies to subscriptions and unsubscriptions by the Mailchimp or Brevo administrator as well as by the subscriber himself.
If a single contact is deleted or archived in Mailchimp or Brevo, the newsletter status in onOffice is set to “not specified”.
The “Archive All” function of Mailchimp is ignored by the Newsletter Connector.
Individual changes to the tags are not transferred. This happens exclusively during a full adjustment. (Mailchimp)

If new contacts are created in Mailchimp or Brevo, then these are also transferred to onOffice. This can also happen when a website visitor registers for the newsletter. The transfer to onOffice can only be controlled or prevented by not creating the contacts entered by the visitor himself in the “onoffice” audience. This must be configured in the newsletter tool.

Documentation of activities or changes in onOffice:

If you subscribe to or unsubscribe from the newsletter, a corresponding activity is always created in onOffice.

For other newsletter actions, the checkboxes in the popup can be used to specify whether corresponding activities should be written to onOffice:

With Mailchimp “Delivered”:  When a newsletter is sent, an email activity is created in onOffice for each recipient.

Brevo also includes “Open” (recipient opens the newsletter), “Click” (recipient clicks on a link in the newsletter) and “Hard bounce” (mail cannot be delivered due to a hard bounce).

The Newsletter Connector is not yet group-enabled (as of July 2021). This means that only one Mailchimp/Brevo API key per onOffice customer version can be stored in the newsletter connector settings.

onOffice Services – WKO Marketplace – Portal for joint business in Austria (MLS)



With the “WKO Marketplace” of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, you can conduct joint transactions with other brokers in Austria simply and easily. Cross-software collaboration is possible for the first time.

Can’t find a buyer for a property? Perhaps a participating estate agent colleague already has suitable interested parties in their database.
Do you have an interested party but no suitable property in your portfolio? Take a look around the WKO marketplace for possible joint ventures in Austria.

Your advantages:

  • Offer properties from fellow estate agents to search clients as if it were your own property.
  • Faster utilization of properties through cooperation.
  • A very good argument for the seller. He has a contact person with a wide range of recycling options.

Information on the general setup of the Marketplace and on activating a Marketplace service can be found here.

If you would like to use the “WKO-Marktplatz” service and portal, please contact your customer advisor, who will initially activate and set up the service for you.

You can download a “Quickstart Guide” for the WKO marketplace as a PDF here .

General information on joint transactions (MLS) with onOffice enterprise can be found here .

Further information directly from the provider can be found here and at

Website WKO Marketplace

After activation, you can access the website “WKO-Marktplatz” with the current real estate offers in the menu on the left via “MLS >> WKO Marktplatz”.

WKO marketplace - Call website

All offers are listed on the tab “Community business”. You can search for suitable properties on the right under “Real estate search”.

The “Own properties” tab contains your uploaded properties that you offer for joint transactions with other estate agents.

WKO Marketplace - Website Community Business

You can also access the “WKO-Marktplatz” website from the Quicksearch, when searching for properties and when creating a search profile including search parameters.

WKO Marketplace - Quicksearch

WKO property search

WKO Marketplace - Search profile

Request right to offer

Properties may only be offered for sale if the owner of the property has either granted the right to offer or the property has been approved in principle.

If you are interested in jointly marketing a suitable property, you can request the right to offer from the listing agent by clicking on the “Request right to offer” button in the detailed view of a property.

WKO Marketplace - Request right to offer

If the request was sent successfully, the following confirmation message appears:

WKO Marketplace - Offer right grayed out

The right to offer can only be requested once within a client.

Management of approvals

All incoming and outgoing release requests are managed via the marketplace service “WKO Marktplatz”. After activation, the service can be accessed via “Marketplace > WKO Marketplace > WKO Marketplace” .

WKO Marketplace - Call Service WKO Marketplace

outgoing requests

If you have requested an offer right, you will see your request in the “Outgoing requests” tab. In the “Status” column, you can see whether the offeror has granted the offer right.

WKO Marketplace - outgoing requests

Confirmation emails

You will be informed by email when the right to offer has been granted by the offeror and the property is transferred.

Transfer to own property management

After the Ametageber has granted the right to offer, the property is transferred to your property management. This process can take 15 minutes. In the warning you will find information about the Ametageber and the conditions. All rproperty fields defined in the OpenImmo standard and most other real estate fields can be transferred.

WKO Marketplace - Cooperation conditions

Contact information of the participating broker can be found in the category “Contact person”.

WKO Marketplace - Contact person

Offer notifications

Have you offered the property to your clients? This should then be noted in the interested parties tab of the property and the consultation level should be set to “E”. Notify the Ametageber that you have offered the property by switching to the “Offer notifications” tab in the release overview.

WKO offer notification

The offers can now be sent to the Ametageber via the “Report offer” button. The Ametageber only receives the initials of the interested party! This means that he can initially only check whether he already has a prospective customer of his own with the same initials.

List property

Your properties can be listed regularly via the marketing tab in the “WKO
Marketplace” portal. This portal is automatically active after
has been activated by your client’s account manager.

WKO Marketplace - Portalupload

If you are using the multi-language module and your properties have not been created in the “Austrian” language, the language can be changed under “Extras > Settings > Basic settings > Portals”. The language version of the property set here will then be transferred.

WKO Marketplace - Language settings

You can determine whether a WKO participant must request the right to bid from you via the “Right to bid” field (tab “Prices/areas”/ category “Prices”)
. If it is not required, each participant can immediately offer the property to their customers.

WKO Marketplace - Offer right field

You can determine the offer conditions via the “MLS external/internal commission” fields

50 % / 50 % is mapped to “Standard”, 100 % / 0 % to “Community” and all other value combinations to “Individual”.

Issue release

If the right to make an offer is requested for one of your advertised properties, you will be informed by email. The release is carried out via the release overview in the service on the “Incoming requests” tab.

WKO Marketplace - incoming requests

Choose between the buttons “Grant offer right” and “Deny offer right”. The target law firm will be informed of your decision accordingly.

incoming offer notifications

If a marketplace participant has offered your property and reported this on the “Offer notifications” tab, you will be informed by email.

In addition, an activity is created in the real estate agent’s logbook. A corresponding activity is also created when offering rights are granted or received. This applies to all marketplace participants.

WKO Marketplace - Activities

onOffice Services – Zapier

Zapier-Consulting with Santino Giese:

Benötigen Sie Unterstützung rund um Zapier? Gerne hilft Ihnen unser Consulting-Partner Santino Giese bei komplexeren Automatisierungen und Prozessen. Senden Sie eine E-Mail mit Ihrer Anfrage an oder vereinbaren Sie einen Coaching-Termin auf seiner Webseite.


Zapier as a central data gateway. Data can be exchanged with hundreds of other cloud-based applications via Zapier, which also provide a connection to Zapier. Complex cross-program processes can be created and used without programming knowledge.

Application example: Is your customer filling out a form in another cloud service? Let Zapier automatically create an address and a task in onOffice enterprise.


Activate Zapier via “Marketplace >> Overview >> Zapier >> “Activate now” in your Marketplace account.

Zapier - Activation

Connect Zapier with enterprise:

If Zapier is activated in the Marketplace, the service can be configured via “Zapier >> Settings” in the Marketplace menu. The popup shows you the “CustomerWebId” and the “API Key” that you need to connect Zapier with onOffice enterprise.

Marketplace - Zapier settings

Then select “Apps” in the left-hand menu in Zapier, search for “onOffice” and select the onOffice app via “Connect”.

Zapier - connect enterprise with Zapier

Then enter the “CustomerWebId” and the “API Key” from onOffice enterprise to establish the connection.

Marketplace - Zapier backend settings

The service can then be used and Zaps can be created.


Es werden generelle Kenntnisse im Umgang mit Zapier vorausgesetzt, hier sind nur die ersten Schritte erklärt.


Der onOffice-Support bietet keine Unterstützung für die Bedienung von Zapier an. Bitte wenden Sie sich ausschließlich an unserem Support, wenn Sie Probleme bei der Freischaltung haben oder wenn in der Zap-Erstellung Server-Fehlercodes in onOffice-Triggern oder Actions angezeigt werden. In allen anderen Fällen sollte zunächst der Zapier-Support kontaktiert werden.

Nutzen Sie auch die Hilfeseiten von Zapier.

Zapier info about the onOffice beta app:

Here you can find information on all available triggers and actions:
onOffice Zapier Integration.

Zapier - App entry

Create Zap:

Create a new Zap.

Zapier - Create Zap

Action events

If you want to execute actions in onOffice, first create a trigger from another software that is to initiate the action.

Zapier - Trigger

Select an event and check which data is read out.

Zapier - Jotform Trigger

Then click on the action module and select “onOffice enterprise”.

Zapier - Action building block

Zapier - onOffice-Action

Select an event.

Zapier - Select action
If you have not yet connected Zapier and onOffice as described above under “Connect Zapier with enterprise”, you can still do this during the creation of a zap. If the connection already exists, simply select the existing connection. Click on “Connect onOffice” under “Account” in Zapier.

Zapier - Connect in Zap
The required data can be found in the Zapier settings in onOffice (onOfficemenu: Marketplace >> Zapier >> Settings). Copy the CustomerWebId and the API token into the Zapier popup.

Zapier - Allow connection
Configure the action in the next step by selecting for the target fields from which fields of the source software values are to be read.

Zapier - Configure action
Finally, test the Zap.

Zapier - Test Zap
After a successful test, the Zap is activated via the “Publish” button.

Foreword Trigger events

In principle, the onOffice-Zapier triggers are initially designed to be triggered only when the user considers the data maintenance of a property / address to be complete.

For this reason, either a manual start by the user or a (partially) automated start by using the onOffice process manager is provided.

Trigger events:

Click on the trigger module if you want to read data from onOffice and transfer it to another software.

Zapier - Trigger
Search for the “onOffice” Zapier app here too.

Zapier - Change trigger

For example, select “Fetch Address” as the trigger event. You can use this trigger to read out all address data.

Zapier - Trigger event

Select which data of a property/address should be read out from onOffice.

Zapier - Fields for triggers
Then create the action and create the complete Zap.
You can find more information in the Zapier help

Trigger Zap manually

Transfer data to your other tools after complete data maintenance.

Example: Transferring an address

If you have selected onOffice or a “Fetch Address” event in the trigger in Zapier, then open an address in onOffice. Click on “Marketplace” >> Zapier >> Start Zaps” in the action bar.

Zapier - Start Zap manually

Information on limited usability due to the possibilities of the Zapier API

Unfortunately, the Zapier API no longer offers the option of reading or receiving the names of the Zaps.

Technical explanation: When a snap is activated, a URL for starting a snap is transmitted to our server. However, no zap ID or zap designation is transmitted.
As a result, it is not possible to identify the zap when querying all zap data.
Unfortunately, the process ID shown only refers to the call of a zap and does not correspond to the zap ID.
Unfortunately, a new process ID is generated each time a zap is deactivated and reactivated.

For this reason, the name of a zap in the pop-up must be changed manually (administrator rights required). The assignment is only possible if you activate Zaps individually and immediately rename the Zap that appears in the pop-up.

To do this, click on the Edit button in the “Zap” column.
Select a Zap and click on “Start”.

Zapier - Select ZapThe Zap was successfully launched.

Trigger Zap automatically via process manager:

Use the “Autostart” module in the process manager and select a value from a single-select field as the trigger, for example.  Then create a “Webhook” module.

Zapier - Process Manager

In the “Webhook” module, select the “Address Zaps (Process Manager)” service.

Zapier - Webhook

You can find the “process_id” in the manual call of the Zaps (Marketplace action bar >> Zapier >> Start Zaps). After activating the process, the autostart triggers the configured Zap.

Attention: Zapier always assigns a new process ID for a Zap as soon as a Zap is deactivated and reactivated. Ideally, you should only configure the onOffice process when the Zap works 100% and meets your requirements.

Zap history:

In general, everything is tested when zaps are created before the zap can be activated. In Zapier, you can also check whether your Zap is running correctly during operation.

To do this, switch to the Zap History. Open the corresponding Zap under “Zap runs”.

Zapier - History

Here you can see exactly in which step there may be problems.

Zapier - History 2

Zapier Formatter Tools:

In some cases it is necessary to use the Zapier formatting tools (Zapier Formatter).  For example, create a lookup table to assign task types from Outlook to task types from onOffice.

Zapier - Formatting tool

Select the corresponding field as the “Lookup Key”, in this case “Categories”. (Outlook). Enter the number of the task type from onOffice in the lookup table.

Zapier - Lookup-Table
You will find the number in the next step “5. Create Task in onOffice”.

Zapier - Create task

Create the “Create Task” or “Find Task” action.
Click in the “Type” field when mapping. All onOffice values including the number are displayed there; it may now also work with the key name.

Further help:

These instructions for the first steps and configuration can also be downloaded here as a PDF. You can find the provider’s general Zapier help here.

Do you need support? Our consulting partner Santino Giesewill be happy to help you.

If you activate this service, you only accept the onOffice order processing agreement in relation to the interface between onOffice and Zapier.
You can find out which data may be transferred and which agreements should be concluded with the provider Zapier from the provider Zapier Inc.


PriceHubble provides detailed property value analysis and interactive market value reports. Get a property valuation, location assessment, comparison with similar properties and transactions, and much more, in just a few steps.

The report, which includes socioeconomic development data in addition to infrastructure data, is available for one year.

If PriceHubble is activated in the Marketplace, the service can be accessed via the property tab “Valuation” as soon as you have opened a property. The services of PriceHubble are available as a direct purchase or as a subscription.

The subscription gives you unlimited access to real estate valuations from PriceHubble. A single user license is required for each of your OnOffice users. The subscription period is 12 months.

A service opens in the real estate tab, in which the data for the property is already pre-filled:

  • Property typology
  • Contact
  • Year of building
  • Land area
  • Net living space

You can still manually adjust this data if necessary.

Marketplaceanbiter PriceHubble - store open

Clicking on “View sample report” opens the view of the interactive sample report. The sample view of a property analysis created from this looks like this:

Marketplace provider PriceHubble - environment map in the store

To order the market report for the property, click “Continue” at the bottom right. From there you can go directly to the payment dialog and order.
A link to the property analysis is stored in onOffice enterprise in the property field “PriceHubble market value report”. This can be found on the “Details” tab in the “Administration” section. is a web form construction kit for onOffice. As a broker, you can create your own web forms that are connected to onOffice via API. 

The entry in the Marketplace menu(Marketplace >> >> Form Configurator) takes you directly to the provider’s store.

Propform - ShopThere are various subscription models to choose from. An active form can also be used free of charge.

Click on the “Continue to form management” button to get an overview of your - Form management

You can create a new form via “Create new form”. Templates” provides you with ready-made templates from for a wide range of applications, which you can copy into your form administration. There are forms for property listings, newsletter registrations, tenant self-disclosures, handover protocols, file upload forms, internal reporting, customer inquiries, bidding procedures, etc. 

You can easily integrate your self-designed forms on your website or share them as independent pages via specific URLs.

Detailed instructions on how to set up and use the form configurator can be found in the online help .

PropNow provides you with the transparent and digitized version of the quoting process, ensuring happier clients and brokers. You will receive full documentation of all activities and bids. With a few mouse clicks you set up the offer process directly from the property overview and invite the linked prospects from onOffice via email and SMS. The interested parties can submit their offers via SMS-TAN procedure with just a few clicks and without any additional registration.

  • Create a transparent process for your customers – In real time, all parties involved are informed via email and SMS (anonymized on the buy side).
  • As an acquisition tool, you already use PropNow in property acquisition – with a test procedure you show your customer another sales channel and that you will achieve the best price on the market.
  • -> 18% price increase on average with more than 4,000 properties already sold.
  • -> 50% time saving compared to the analog process.
  • Complete documentation for the seller, notary, executor, etc.
  • Secure bid submission via SMS-TAN procedure (like online banking).

Once you have PropNow enabled in the Marketplace (by your OnOffice administrator), as well as have a client account, you can get started.

Below we will show you in a few steps how to create a digital proposal process using PropNow:

1. With a mouse click in the property overview you open PropNow at the bottom of the screen the digital offer procedure.

PropNow Start

By following the steps below, you will create the new quotation procedure:

PropNow approval

After clicking, the “Create new quotation procedure” window will open automatically and you will go through the following points:

  • Create title
  • Non/takeover of the selected (already stored in onOffice)
  • Consent to the user agreement as well as the data protection agreement
  • “Prepare purchase offer form” incl.:
    • Type of property and other data
    • Other descriptions and/or deficiencies indication
    • Registration broker commission
    • (Notes to take note of)
    • – Entry transfer date
    • – Add more documents
  •  Preparation of the purchase offer form and completion of missing documents
  • Creation of the round incl. the time period, the type of procedure and the starting price

The next step is “Start new round”:

  • Selection of the type of procedure
  • Duration as well as validity of the offers of the offer procedure
  • Starting price

PropNow round start

Next, “open the round” and invite the bidders:

Invite PropNow participants

  • Manual input = short form
  • CSV upload = you have your prospects in a CSV table
  • onOffice Import = Interested parties linked to the property are displayed in a list and can be invited by email and SMS with one click.

In the onOffice overview of interested parties, you can select those that you have pre-qualified for the process. In addition, if you do not already have one, you can request a proof of identification or proof of financing by selecting “I” or “F”. The interested party will then conveniently photograph these documents via smartphone when preparing his bid (Note: Without completing this step, the interested party cannot submit an offer!).

PropNow Import

Next, the interested parties receive the invitation by SMS or by email and place their bids. The interested parties add any missing data and off they go.

In the dashboard, you track the digital bidding process, and you are also kept up to date on developments via email. You have the following options here:

  • View offer overview as well as download purchase offers (.pdf)
  • Invite Vendor (Notice: You should not invite the seller too early, but only when activities of the interested parties are available!)
  • Place or release bids for interested parties not present if the cell phone is not able to do so
  • Add information in the round

PropNow broker bids

After expiration, you select the buyer via the round wizard and in consultation with the seller. (Cancel second bidder or still hold in reserve in case higher bidder funding falls through)

PropNow buyers choose

During the whole procedure you as a broker, the bidders as well as the seller (after your invitation) will be informed in your branding in a result-oriented way. Here we pay attention to the correct distribution and number, without letting a spam behavior arise. You get a customer journey for your customer from PropNow completely in your branding/signature and they thus have the impression that the digital bidding process is hosted by you.

You want to see your logo in the emails as well as have personalized information sheets for your customers. Or have questions about the activation and would like to have a short introduction for your team, then contact PropNow right away at: or +49 (0)30 95999251-0.


Mit der PROPUP-Plattform können Sie bequem Ihr Formularwesen und Ihre Kundenprozesse digitalisieren. Vermittlungsaufträge, Besichtigungsschein, Miet- und Kaufangebote sowie Übergabeprotokoll bequem vorbereiten, digital signieren und sofort Ihren Kunden bereit stellen. Mit dem Kundenportal haben Ihre Kunden alle Informationen auf einen Blick bereit.

Sie benötigen einen eigenen Account bei PROPUP, um den Service in enterprise nutzen zu können.

Aus einer Immobile heraus öffnen Sie den Service über den Eintrag im Marketplacemenü der Aktionenleiste (PROPUP >> Export zu PROPUP).

Export zu PROPUP

Loggen Sie sich dann über das Service-Popup bei PROPUP an.

PROPUP - Verbindung

Aus einer Immobile heraus exportieren Sie über den Eintrag im Marketplacemenü der Aktionenleiste (PROPUP >> Export zu PROPUP) die Immobilie und alle mit der Immoblie verknüpften Kundendaten zu PROPUP.

Einzelne Kundendaten können nicht exportiert werden, ohne mit einer Immobilie verknüpft zu sein.

PROPUP - Objektimport


Alle weiteren Aktionen können Sie von hier ausführen. Eine ausführliche Anleitung zur Nutzung des Services finden Sie in der allgemeinen Onlinehilfe von PROPUP. Die Einrichtung und Anbindung zu onOffice enterprise ist hier erklärt.

Safari Browser

Bei Benutzung des Safari Browser bitte die Safari-Einstellungen (Links oben) öffnen, und folgende Haken entfernen.

Im Reiter “Datenschutz” den Haken bei “Websiteübergreifendes Tracking verhindern” entfernen.

PROPUP - Safarari-Hinweis 1

Im Reiter “Erweitert” den Haken bei “Alle Cookies blockieren” entfernen.

PROPUP - Safari-Cookies

Space Renovator

Specializing in digital home staging for existing properties and developed by interior designers, Space Renovator helps you preserve more properties and sell them better.

With the interractive before-and-after effect you inspire property sellers during acquisition talks and help property buyers to recognize the potential of your property right away digitally.

If Space Renovator is activated in the Marketplace, you can find the service in the property via the Marketplace icon in the Actions bar as well as on the file tab in the property via the Virtual Homestagingbutton.

Space Renovator Call

The popup for the Space Renovator service will open, guiding you through the next steps. Give the project a name and select an image or change your image selection. If you have selected an image in enterprise by double-clicking, this image is already preselected. Only 1 image can be selected.

Space Renovator image selection

In the next steps you specify how the image should be optimized. You choose the type of property, the type of room and the interior style.

Space Renovator style

Finally, your order will be summarized again. You can always change data afterwards via “Back”.

The delivery of the ordered picture will be made within 5 days. The optimized image is placed in the property on the files tab.


Please note that it may take some time for the valuation to be completed and the data to be written back to the property.

Normally, it should take less than a minute. While the value is being determined, the Sprengnetter fields are empty.

Only properties in Germany, Austria and Hungary can be evaluated.

The Sprengnetter service can be used to determine the estimated market value of a property. This service can be used free of charge.
Unlike other services, there is no interface for ordering here; as soon as Sprengnetter has been activated in the Marketplace, the service is ready for use.

If all fields relevant for the property valuation are filled in a property, Sprengnetter’s property valuation is automatically created when the property is saved . The result appears in the Prices/Areas tab in the “Estimated Market Value” field.

The estimated market value can be determined for the following properties:

  • Condominiums (kinds of property unfinished attic, mezzanine, attic, maisonette, loft / studio / atelier, penthouse, terrace apartment, floor apartment, basement)
  • Houses (kinds of property: single-family house, two-family house, multi-family house, row house, vacation house, housing estate, row end, row middle, row corner, semi-detached house, town house, villa, country house)
  • Land

The market value determination is not available for the following properties from Austria :

  •  Multi-family houses

The type of property and the contact of the property must always be entered for the determination.
The geodata for the contact are mandatory fields and must be specified as precisely as possible:

  • Street
  • House number
  • Postal code
  • Country

The following fields are required for the valuation, so they must not be empty :

For apartments, houses:

  • Property typology
  • Kind of property
  • Year of construction (properties with year of construction before 1800 and with year of construction in the future can NOT be valued)
  • Living area (field ‘wohnflaeche’, must be less than 1000 sqm for houses and 500 sqm for apartments)

Additionally for houses and land:

  • Property area (field ‘grundstuecksflaeche’, must be less than 5000 sqm)

The following data can optionally be stored for the property, which will also be taken into account in the valuation:

For apartments:

  • Lift or elevator costs (field ‘liftkosten’)
  • Number of parking spaces (field ‘anzahl_stellplaetze’)

If necessary, you must first activate the corresponding fields in the administration.  Basically, all fields required for Sprengnetter must be activated so that the Sprengnetter service can determine the data correctly. After that, after saving a property, the service should be able to populate the fields.

Please note that it may take some time for the valuation to be completed and the data to be written back to the property.

Normally, it should take less than a minute. While the value is being determined, the Sprengnetter fields are empty.

Only properties in Germany, Austria and Hungary can be evaluated.

The “estimated market value” is not the only value evaluated via the Sprengnetter service. In addition, the following values are determined:

  • Minimum value; Minimum price to be achieved
  • Maximum value; Maximum price to be achieved
  • Sprengnetter score; The score is a confidence indicator for the estimated market value. The score follows the logic of the school grading system and ranges from 1.0 to 5.0. Accordingly, a score of 1.0 represents the best value and states that the estimated market value is statistically accorded particularly high confidence.
    The Sprengnetter score is calculated after each saving of a property, should sufficient data be available to calculate the market value. The calculation may take a few seconds, so the view must be reloaded to see the calculated value.

These values appear as a mouseover when you move the mouse over the dashed line at the “estimated market value” field.

The Sprengnetter fields are automatically activated in the administration when the service is activated. 

Result of the Sprengnetter Market Assessment in the Prices of a Property

Software for short valuations – Sprengnetter Value is a web-based software for short valuations. With Value, you are in a position to present the value of your property to your owner or prospective buyer in a transparent and plausible manner.

brings real estate to life – Sprengnetter Maps is a tool for the interactive presentation of real estate values. By using Maps, you take your owner or prospective buyer on an exciting journey through their very personal real estate experience!

Software for market analyses – The Sprengnetter Report is a tool for creating professional market analyses. Including comparative prices – this ensures the greatest possible transparency for your owner and your prospective buyers.

Your personal credit system – Sprengnetter Coins are your personal credit system with which you can call up your currently required valuation app Value, Calc, Maps and Report. For you, this means: no minimum call-offs with maximum flexibility (pay-per-use). You can purchase the coins after activation in the provider application.

Further information and tutorials can be found here.


timum is a tool for automated appointment coordination. With this service you can, for example, create calendars for viewings of a property and send them as a link in brochures or emails. Your customers then independently book the appointment that suits them best.

Detailed instructions of the service can be found on timum‘s website.

If timum is activated in the Marketplace, you will find the service in the property in the Files tab. There you will find the new category “Marketplace” on the right side

Marketplace provider in the Files tab of a property

To access timum, click on the “Visit Organizer” button.

timum supplier store call

Above it opens a calendar specifically for the selected property. Here you can specify appointments, distribute them into individual slots, control the mode for booking appointments (freely bookable or on request), retrieve the booking link and much more.

Marketplace supplier timum - Calendar in the store

All booked appointments are synchronized with the onOffice calendar. This way you always have all your appointments in view.

The release link to the booking calendar is also saved in the property in the “Details” tab >> “Management” area >> “timum booking link” field.

Total Render

Total Render lets you prepare and optimize existing floor plans. Total Render automatically saves the new floor plans in the property.

Note that the service is currently offered only to Marketplace users with Italian billing contact.

If Total Renderr is enabled in the Marketplace, you can find the service in the property in the Files tab. There you will find the new category “Marketplace” on the right. Alternatively, the service can be accessed via the Marketplace entry “Total Render >> Planimetrie e visualizzazioni” in the lower action bar once you have opened a property.

With the button “Planimetrie e visualizzazioni” you call the service of Total Render.

The Total Render popup will open. You will see an overview of the orders placed and the available credits that you can use to order floor plans.

You can buy credits for the service via “Buy more credits and save”. The service offers different types of floor plans from “BASIC Floor Plans” to “3D Furnished Floor Plans”.

In the next step you can order a floor plan via “New order”. Here you select the floor plan type.

After you have decided on a floor plan type, specify the details of the job. Upload a floor plan to be optimized here. Pictures from the property can be selected in the service. Specify the living area. If data is missing, you will be notified. You can then send the order via “Send your request now” below. The credits required for this are displayed.

Via “Completed Jobs” you can see the status of the job processing.

After the order is completed, the finished floor plan will be automatically saved in the files tab of the property within 1 – 2 business days. Under “Completed Jobs” the finished floor plan can also be downloaded.


You can obtain a comprehensive mobility assessment for your property location via the Vemeo service. Not only does it add value to your marketing and site analysis, but it also saves you a lot of time.

If Vemeo is activated in the Marketplace, you can find the service in a property via the Marketplace icon in the Actions bar by clicking the Vemeo >> MobilityValuationbutton.

Marketplace Vemeo

The service is charged per property. After the purchase, you will receive a mobility analysis and a valuation for the property with the following information:

  • Transport links (public transport)
  • Mobility services (e-scooters, e-bikes, rental cars, etc.)
  • Travel times (to highway, airport, train station, etc.)
  • E-charging stations
  • Mobility score

In the mobility score, the individual data are summarized in a rating from 1 to 100.

The valuation is stored in the form of images on the data tab of the property.


Venbona is a pioneer in the field of the digital offer process for real estate trading. The Venbona platform enables simple, transparent and fair pricing between brokers and potential buyers in order to achieve the optimum market price efficiently. Market your property as a vendor using the digital bidding process.

To use the Venbona offer process, first activate the service in the onOffice marketplace:

You can then call up the service from one of your properties via the action bar at the bottom. 

The first step takes you to the login screen, where you can log in with your Venbona user account or create a new user account.

You will then be guided through the necessary 7 steps to the finished quote. In the first step, you can choose between the minimum price procedure and the target price procedure. All relevant data that you have already maintained in your property is transferred and can be adjusted if necessary. Once all the necessary data has been entered, you will see a green checkmark next to all 7 steps.

In the last step, you have the option of clicking on “Publish now” to advertise the property on Venbona in order to find the right buyer.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Venbona terms of use . 

Further information on the bidding process can also be found in the Venbona Help.