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onOffice sync

onOffice Sync via memotoo

When syncing via memotoo, in most cases the basic user setup and the rights are set accordingly.

The setup on the smart phone or in other sync destinations has to be done by yourself, you will find the corresponding instructions after the notes.

Type and extent of the synchronized data and how to synchronize can be found in Setup in onOffice.


Security alert: Please backup your data on your smart phone or in Microsoft Outlook before the first synchronization.


Usually you have been using your smart phone for a longer time when you synchronize with onOffice enterprise for the first time. To avoid duplicates in the smart phone and also in Microsoft Outlook, we recommend creating separate folders or calendars there. These should be used as targets for synchronization.

Please do not change the synchronization destination after that. Data may be missing or duplicates may occur during the next synchronization.

How you create new folders and calendars varies depending on your device and software. Please consult the respective help files for further explanations.

If you already have similar data in your client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Smart phone) as in onOffice enterprise, please delete the duplicate data in your client before the first synchronization. Otherwise, duplicates will be created.

Please do not give the smart phone to another onOffice enterprise edition user until you have informed the onOffice support (+49 241 44 686 122). Only then can we deactivate and/or correctly assign the user accounts if necessary.