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onOffice Sync via Z-Push

If the sync is deactivated due to server problems, it can be restarted by entering the password again (iOS) or restarting in Settings (Android). In addition, the sync can be deactivated and reactivated in the user settings.

The advantage of Z-Push is the easy configuration and the direct sync of the data. If you only want to synchronize in one direction you have to use the onOffice Sync via memotoo.

To enable synchronization via Z-Push:

  • The module Z-Push and the use of Sync must be activated for you.
  • In the user rights of Sync and the use of Z-Push must be activated
  • In the user’s settings, the use of Z-Push must be activated for each type.

Currently, tasks and appointments can be synchronized, addresses will follow.
Emails can generally not be synchronized with onOffice via Z-Push.

The setup on the smart phone or in other sync destinations has to be done by yourself, you will find the corresponding instructions after the notes.

The type and scope of the synchronized data and how it is synchronized can be found in Setup in onOffice.

Security alert: Please backup your data on your smart phone and in Microsoft Outlook before the first synchronization.

Attention, with active Sync via memotoo:

If you are already using sync via memotoo, you must first switchit offon your smartphone, otherwise the appointments will be entered twice on your smartphone.


Usually you have been using your smart phone for a longer time when you synchronize with onOffice enterprise for the first time. To avoid duplicates in the smart phone and also in Microsoft Outlook, we recommend creating separate folders or calendars there. These should be used as targets for synchronization.

Please do not change the synchronization destination after that. Data may be missing or duplicates may occur during the next synchronization.

How you create new folders and calendars varies depending on your device and software. Please consult the respective help files for further explanations.

If you already have similar data in your client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Smart phone) as in onOffice enterprise, please delete the duplicate data in your client before the first synchronization. Otherwise, duplicates will be created.


In this section, we discuss unsupported functionality and limitations.

No Email dispatch from appointments

Sending emails via Z-Push is not supported. This means that some calendar apps cannot send invitations or appointment updates via mail if the ActiveSync protocol is used for this purpose. This restriction may also apply to other functionalities that involve the sending of Emails.

Exchange Server

For synchronization, Z-Push uses the ActiveSync protocol for mobile devices. Some clients, e.g. Outlook under MacOS, do not support this protocol. Unfortunately, synchronization is not possible with these clients.

Deadline limits

Currently, a maximum of 500 appointments can be synchronized. If the client does not specify a time period, only appointments that are at most one month in the past will be synced. We synchronize upcoming appointments up to 6 months into the future.

Attention: There may be other limitations imposed by the client.

Telephone numbers, fax numbers and Email addresses

If an address is released for synchronization, a field can be defined in the pop-up for the telephone numbers (analogous to fax numbers and Emails) for assignment during synchronization. Z-Push supports various fields, which are then displayed accordingly on the client. The screenshot shows the selection options for phone numbers.

Notice: Each selection can only be made once. If an assignment is used again, the number that previously had this assignment is reset to “no assignment”.

The selection in the “Sync” column is completely independent of the type you selected in the first column.

If you change a phone number on the smartphone, this number is stored in onOffice enterprise as
new number and entered with the corresponding assignment for the synchronization.
The old number remains in onOffice enterprise, but is no longer synchronized.

If you delete a phone number on your smartphone, it will NOT be deleted when synchronizing in onOffice
enterprise, but only removed from the synchronization.

Notice: In an address on the smartphone, delete all phone numbers (or fax numbers
or Email addresses), the fallback behavior is triggered again during the next synchronization of onOffice enterprise, since no more assignments are known. The current default number
is transferred back to the client, unless you have specified new phone numbers for synchronization
. If you really want to delete these numbers, this must be done in onOffice enterprise.

Appointment sync restrictions (unsupported appointment types)

There are certain limitations when synchronizing appointments, as some mobile devices and
support Outlook appointment options that are not available in enterprise.

The following appointment types (no claim to completeness, as client functionality can change):

  • Series appointments with defined weekdays
  • Series dates according to the pattern (e.g. every x. Tuesday in the month)

If incompatible appointments are entered via a terminal device, an appointment is created, but this may result in undesired discrepancies.

For a clean sync to onOffice, only appointments should be created in the clients that can also be created in this form in enterprise.

Password change

If you have changed your onOffice password, the password will not be changed automatically on the synced devices. If the sync is triggered, e.g. in the calendar on your mobile device, a message appears. If you follow this message, you will be directed to the Exchange connection settings. There you can enter the new password of your onOffice account.
If the sync still does not work or a message appears on your mobile device, you must unlock your zPush account. You can unlock this under Tools >> Settings >> User >> User name >> Settings tab via the“Unlock Z-Push access” button. Once you have followed these steps, the sync on your mobile device should work again without any problems.

Please make sure that the password change step is performed on all devices, otherwise you may be locked out again.

Message when zPush account is locked after login.

If the sync is deactivated due to server problems, it can be restarted by entering the password again (iOS) or restarting in Settings (Android). In addition, the sync can be deactivated and reactivated in the user settings.

Incorrect login data

The smartphone suddenly reports that synchronization is not possible due to incorrect login data. There can be various reasons for this.

You may have reassigned the password in onOffice enterprise. If the old access data is still stored in the smartphone
, synchronization will no longer work due to incorrect access data. You can then do the following:

Change password: Change the password on all (!) smartphones connected via this user.

Check & cancel automatic blocking of the account: If you still receive the message
stating that the access data is incorrect, check whether the Z-Push access has been automatically blocked due to too many login attempts with the wrong password. To do this, go to
in the settings of your onOffice enterprise user under “Extras > Settings > User >
User name > Tab: Settings”. If your Z-Push access is currently blocked, a
button will appear there, which you can use to unblock access again. If this button is not visible, there is another problem

After you have pressed the button and the account has been successfully unlocked, the following text will appear
: “Your Z-Push access has been unblocked!”

Please note that this text only appears temporarily directly after unlocking. It is no longer displayed when the user settings are reloaded.

Access enabled: After you have released the blocked access, the synchronization should work again, provided the access data was corrected before the release.

Maintenance work or a server-side software update may result in temporary unavailability of the synchronization services. Most smartphones then report that the access data must be checked because the login is not possible.

However, it can also happen that the account on the smartphone is deactivated so that no more attempts are made to synchronize from a certain point in time
. In such a case, it is usually sufficient to call up the account data again without changing the settings.

Please note that a malfunction is always temporary, but can last for some time. If the error message appears again the first time you try to log in to the account, this usually means that the fault is still present. In this case, please be patient and wait a while before trying again.

If your password has not expired, no software updates or maintenance work is being carried out and access is still not possible after a certain waiting time (>1h), there is probably another cause.
In this case, try deactivating and reactivating the sync via z-Push in the user settings of the affected user. If problems persist, please contact our technical support.

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