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Booking list

In the global booking list, all bookings are clearly summarized in one list. The list can be filtered by various criteria.

As with most lists, the column configuration can be customized using the table icon on the right. The sorting of the list is set by clicking on the column headers.

For the “Bookings” tab, a filter and the number of records per page can be set via “Triangle icon >> Edit tab”. In addition to address filters, special invoice filters are also available, which list only certain bookings:

  • Invoice – Subscriptions (active)
  • Invoice – subscriptions (cancelled early)
  • Invoice – postings (incorrect)
  • Invoice – postings (without linked invoice)
  • Billing document – one-time payments (open)

Entries (without linked invoice) lists all active entries that are not linked to an invoice and for which no date is entered for “Next invoice on”.

It is also possible to filter by type of booking and cancellation status. All subscriptions that have a date set in the “Cancelled on” field are considered cancelled.


Booking list configuration

You can create additional tabs using the + symbol on the right.

Filter criteria at the top of the menu bar are booking number, customer, the “next invoice on” date and item. For customer you can enter first name, last name, KdNr or company. For articles, you can filter either by article number or article name.

Incorrect bookings are displayed in the “Note” column with a warning triangle. Hover the mouse over the warning triangle to get more detailed information about the error via tooltip.

The “Open address” or “Open booking” hover icons take you directly to the corresponding address or booking.