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Project management

Create template

If you often have several projects that are very similar, you can create a project template.


To be able to create templates, you must first edit the rights of your user. Go to Tools >> Settings >> Users >> Select users >> Rights tab and check the ‘Organize projects’ box

Create a new project and tasks for it. When you are done, check the “Save as template” box in the “Project details” category at the very bottom and save the project. Note that the hints and notes are stored with in the template.

Duplicate project

Using the ‘Duplicate’ button in the Actions Panel, you can easily duplicate a project.

Create project from list view

To create a new project from the list view that is based on a template, click on the small arrow next to the “Create new” icon New record icon , which will display all project templates.

If you now click on one of the selection options, a duplicate of the project will be created, which can be found in the list view of your projects.

Of course, you can still change your project template afterwards. In the list view of the projects the template will always be present.