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Showcase TV

Add / remove properties

Which of your properties will be shown on the Showcase TV?

You can determine that yourself. Just like the publication in a portal or on your own website, the advertisement in the Showcase TV is controlled on the Marketing tab in the property.

The images and free texts displayed can also be configured in the property.

The easiest way to get the URL for viewing the properties is to click on the “Preview” link. 

On the tab “Marketing” of the property you can add the desired property to the presentation in the category “Showcase TV”. 

Add Showcase TV

If you have created work lists for Showcase TV lists , the individual lists appear and you can also add a property directly to a list.

If you have successfully brokered a property, you must remove it from the presentation. To do this, click on the tab in the “Marketing” of the properties at “Publish” on “no” in the category “Showcase TV”. This can be controlled individually per list.

Remove property from the Showcase TV

What does the activated property look like in the presentation? With the button “Preview” you can get an impression of how the presentation will be displayed in the Showcase. The preview opens in a new browser tab. Please remember that you still have to activate the full screen mode of the browser via the “F11-key”.

Start Preview

Next to the title picture, the pictures are displayed that you have released in the property for publication on your “own homepage”. If the images are not releasedfor your own website, they will not appear in the TV presentation.

If you use the Showcase TV, you can also store individual free texts especially for the Showcase TV. To do this, you must activate the STV Property Description field under Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Input Fields >> property Module >> Free Text Category . In this field you can enter an individual text in each property for the Showcase TV This text is displayed instead of the property description.

STV property description

Please note that if you activate the free text field in the administration, you also enter a text in all properties relevant to the Showcase. If the field remains empty, no text is displayed in the STV.