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Process manager

Change process owner

Individual process steps

In the case of a running process, the process owner can be changed. To do this, call up the “Running processes” tab in the Edit >> Processes process manager and open the desired process there. This will open a popup that contains the entire process flow with the corresponding process step icons that you know from creating the process templates. Here you can still make changes for the individual steps. Simply open the corresponding process step and enter a new process owner. After that, you will be asked whether the changes should apply only to this step or to all steps.

In the “Task” process step, only the person responsible for the process step and the task are changed. Conversely, a change in the responsible person/editor changes the responsible person in the Task process step. This ensures that the person who processes the task always has the corresponding process step assigned.

Attention: As a result, the process owner for one task cannot be changed for all subsequent steps.

Multiple process steps

To change the process owner in a running process, the administrator must make a setting in the user rights. To do this, go to Tools >> Settings >> User >> Select user >> Tab “Rights” >> Category “Process manager” and activate the item “Adjust responsibility also for subsequent steps” there and save the settings.
Now you can select processes on the left via the module bar and open the process step in running processes via the pencil  Edit icon or via the cogwheel Gear icon and change the person responsible for tasks or process steps. If you have selected another user, you will be asked directly whether you want to make the change only for one process step or for this and all following ones.