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Process manager

Execute process step

After you have started the process, this symbol Process manager icon indicates when a process step is pending for your user. This signals to you that a process is running and that a process step must be performed by you. Clicking on this icon takes you to the list view of running processes.

Here you can see the actions you need to perform.

  • The position of the step is displayed, as well as the total number of steps in the process.
  • What process is currently underway.
  • Which action is to be performed.
  • Which client and which property are associated with this process.

To edit the corresponding action, double-click on it. The corresponding mask opens and you can perform the action via it. As soon as this action is finished, the next process step starts automatically. When a process is finished, the exclamation mark in the process manager icon disappears.

The process controller can view the pending process steps of individual employees or group members in the list of running processes. To do this, he must select the appropriate user or group in the selection box. The authorization for the process controller is assignedin the user settings.

Furthermore, it is also possible to filter by process name, assigned address or property, processes with address or property links as well as by actions.