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Tablet brochure

Generate a presentation file from your properties, specifically for output to a tablet and achieve greater customer awareness of your properties. Via your property management in the onOffice enterprise software, you quickly and conveniently create the presentation based on various designs.


Please note that “tablet presentation” is an additional module that is subject to a fee. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

In the property list view, select the properties for which you want to create a tablet presentation. To do this, activate the checkbox next to the property or properties and select the “Create tablet presentation” function via “Create brochure” in the action bar.

Tablet presentation overview

After that, a pop-up window opens where you can create the tablet presentation in different designs in 4:3 format. The presentation is saved as a PDF file or as a zip file. The zip file contains individual image files.
Once you have made your selection, confirm it with the “Create” button and save the file, and / or send this file directly to the logged-in user.

Tablet presentation

You can have the presentation sent directly to you as an e-mail when you create it. The attachment of the e-mail can then be opened directly on the tablet. Or you save the attachment first and then play it back.

Zip file
Simply transfer the zip file to a USB stick. The presentation can then be played back entirely without a PC via a monitor or TV with touch function and USB interface.

PDF file
The PDF file can be played on a tablet with PDF readers. Please refer to the documentation of your PDF viewing program for the corresponding setting.

  • In addition to the information about the property, the text from the free text field “Three-liner” is taken over. If this field is empty, the text from the “Description” field is used.
  • Properties that are created multilingually in your version will be displayed multilingually in the showcase TV presentation. One page per language is displayed.

Output Tablet Presentation 1:

Tablet presentation 2

Output Tablet Presentation 2:

Tablet presentation 3