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Mass update

Mass update Search criteria


All changes to search criteria cannot be undone

With the mass update of search criteria, you can change multiple search criteria at once with just one click. To open the Mass Update, click Actions >> Mass Update >> Search Criteria

Filter search criteria

In the upper part of the popup you can “Filter search profiles”. To do this, click in the field “What to filter for”. Here you have 2 tabs to choose from. In the first tab – From property – you can search for values such as purchase price or rent from the search criterion. Only those fields are displayed in the list that are also active for search criteria.
Via the second tab – From search profile – search profiles can be narrowed down by creation date, supervisor or comment

Update filtered search profiles

In the lower area, you can now set values for the search criteria found and update them later. To do this, select, as in the upper area, via the field “Which value should be updated? Values – Off property and/or Off Search Profile – Off. The values from the property can now also be specified from/to.
Via the button “Update” in the action bar, the values are transferred to the search criteria and updated with a click


You can also make functional search criteria unusable by mass updating the search criteria, since it is possible to set the From values of the purchase price higher than the To values