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Tasks Actions bar

The action bar for tasks contains all functions and actions that can be performed with a task. The action bar is located at the bottom

Aufgabenverwaltung Aktionsleiste

  • Message to responsible person
    This function allows you to send a direct message to the person in charge or to the group responsible for the task. The person responsible or the group receives this as a pop-up message.
  • Message to agent
    You can use this function to send a direct message to the agent of the task. The agent receives this as a pop-up message
  • Create project
    Click on “Create project” to open a popup where you can create a new project from within the task. Task subject and task description are transferred to the project as project title and project description. Attached files, linked addresses and real estate as well. The newly created project has the status “Started”.
  • Create appointment
    Click on “Create appointment” to create a new appointment in which the creator of the task is entered as participant. In addition, the task subject and task description as well as attached files are included in the appointment. If there is an appointment type that corresponds to the task type, this is also copied.
  • Create follow-on task
    This allows you to create subtasks, e.g. to split this task into several parts. The subsequent task takes over the task description of the main task and the subject of the main task with the note ‘(subsequent task)’. A kind of history is then displayed above the task number. Note that no tasks in a task sequence can be deleted.
  • Delete
    Click “Delete” to delete the task
  • Read
    e-mail Click on this button to read the e-mail from which this task was created.
  • Reply
    to e-mail This button allows you to reply directly to the e-mail from which the task was created
  • You use this action to start or stop the time spent on the task. This gives you a view of the total time spent in the task overview. For this option you need the additional module “Time recording”