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Time recording

Tracking indicator


The task tracking is not used optimally by some employees, so that a statistical evaluation is not possible. The tracking indicator alerts the employee that he or she is not currently tracking. In addition, the dashboard allows the employee to see how high their tracking rate is.

With a click the hint disappears, but reappears after the set period of time.

An appointment is already recorded as “tracked time” in the evaluation of working times, the same applies to the tracking indicator.


The additional module Working time recording must be available and the working time recording must be active and set up for the employee.

Under Tools >> Settings >> User >> User account >> Settings tab >> Miscellaneous category in the “Tracking hint after” field, a time period (no hint is displayed at 0 minutes) must be set for the hint to appear.

What is recorded?

The tracking indicator captures task tracking, duration of a user’s activities as well as appointments. If a task is being tracked at the same time as an appointment is taking place in the calendar, it is not possible for double tracking to occur.

Tracking Indicator Widget

In order for the employee himself to get an overview of how high his tracking rate currently is, there is a “Tracking Indicator” widget that can be added to the dashboard . You can find the widget in the Dashboard Statistics tab.

This widget displays the percentage of tracked time in relation to the user’s total working time. Working time is not the specified target working time, but the actual recorded working time for this day.
The times for the current day are displayed, other days / weeks / months can also be selected via the widget configuration .

Tracking for group leaders

Group leaders have the possibility to set the tracking indicator widget not only for themselves, but also for individual group members. This way you can keep track of all group members.