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Web brochure

With a web brochure, you no longer send large file attachments, just a link. The prospective customer can view the brochure directly without a download and always gets the layout that fits his device.

Beispiel für Webexposé

Create your own web brochures individually and intuitively via Edit >> Web brochure. After opening, you will first see a list of your already created web brochures

Here is a quick look at the list of web brochures, creating new brochures (New record icon) and configuring / changing them will be discussed in separate articles.

In the list you can see which web brochures are already activated (and thus can be used in the properties), all with dark font color. Deactivated or not yet finished web brochures are in gray font.

If there are changes that have not yet been published, the date of the last publication is colored red.

By clicking on the edit icon Edit icon you can edit the corresponding template. Above the trashcan icon Trashcan symbol you can delete the template.

Activated web brochures can be used byevery user, for creating or changing the corresponding user right “Manage web brochure” is necessary.