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Create app questionnaires

Each questionnaire consists of pages and in them there are elements of different types.
When creating, the page with its elements is displayed on the left and a column with configuration and input fields is displayed on the right. Each page and element has a header with the wrench Wrench symbol as an edit icon. By clicking the edit icon, the input fields for this element (or page) are displayed on the right and you can configure it

Create questionnaire

In the “Questionnaire Catalog” (Edit >> App Questionnaires) , create a new questionnaire by clicking on the plus icon New record icon .

Now the new questionnaire appears. To give it an individual name, click on the edit icon Wrench symbol next to “New questionnaire”. After that, the “Title” field appears on the right. Here you can enter the desired name and save it afterwards by clicking on “Apply”.

Create page

To add a page to the questionnaire, click on “Add another page”. A box will appear on the left, via the edit icon Wrench symbol you can specify the title in the right column.

Create element

Inside the box you can now add the elements you want. Please click on “add another element”. A ‘box within a box’ appears, the header shows the number of the element and the wrench to edit it. In the right column, in the Type field, you can specify which element you want and, depending on the element, the content. For example, you may be able to select a heading, a multiple selection, or a signature field.

To add another element, click “Add another element” at the desired location – either above or below the existing element.

Pages and elements can be moved by dragging and dropping (dragging and clicking), while the numbering adjusts.

You can delete an element or a page by clicking the trash can icon.

Various elements

  • Single selection
    Here you can specify a simple question with a given number of possible answers. However, only one answer can be selected.
  • Photo
    The photo element allows you to add pictures to your questionnaire at the desired location.
  • Yes/No selection
    You can ask a question which can only be answered with Yes or No.
  • Multiple choice
    A question with predefined answer options, where multiple choice is possible.
  • Scale
    A rating can be inserted here, which is displayed from 1 to 10, for example. Adjustment is possible via a slider to the right and left
  • Text
    The “Text” element allows you to ask a question, which should be answered by the customer with one sentence.
  • Text Multiline
    In this element, the customer can respond to your question in more detail than in the “Text” element.
  • Signature
    With this element you can ask the customer for a digital signature. If this element is filled in the appointment, you will not be able to edit the previous questions.
  • Number
    This element is similar to the scale, you can also predefine in which number range the result should lie. Selection takes place via “+” and “-“.
  • Heading
    You can use this element to provide pages or subitems with headings.

If you are satisfied with your settings, click the Save button in the upper left corner.

You can then use the questionnaire in the onOffice app.