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Success cockpit

Changing the Cockpit

To change a cockpit template, go to the user settings under Tools >> Settings >> Users and click on the ‘Success Cockpit’ tab. Here you can see the already created success cockpits. Select the success cockpit you want to change by clicking the Edit icon Bearbeiten Symbol

Here you change the previous settings by adjusting action types/types, setting new characteristics, assigning different monthly targets, and so on. You can change the position of the settings by changing the number in the ‘Pos.’ field and then confirming with the Enter key

To add another setting, click “Add another setting” at the bottom right

You can delete settings by checking the setting to be deleted on the right and clicking on ‘Remove setting’ at the bottom of the action bar.

To save the cockpit, click on the save Icons zum Speichern button in the upper left corner