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Property value analyses

Property value analysis


Please note that the property-value analysis module is an additional module that is subject to a fee. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

The new ImmoWertV 2021 has been in force since 01.01.2022. This made adjustments to the OWA necessary. Please check the values of your analyzed properties.

The asset value analysis can be used to determine the asset value of a building.

You can enter the necessary data here, existing values are taken from the property. 

In the property’s “OWA” tab, you can select the asset value analysis in the dropdown at the top left.


The basic data and, if required, sample images for the different types of buildings are stored in the Basic Settings >> Reporting .

Output of the property value analysis

onOffice offers the possibility to print the analysis. After all data required for the calculation have been entered, click on “Create evaluation” create rating

In template management , you can store templates for the output of the valuation. 
Please make sure that the templates have been entered as category “property value analysis”, otherwise they will not be visible in the selection.

These templates are samples. 
We cannot guarantee legal certainty for the use of the template. 
We ask for your understanding that we as a company cannot give binding legal advice.