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Use PDF brochure

If you have activated your brochure in PDFdesigner, the brochure will appear as visible under Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings >>brochure tab and you can use it immediately in property.

If you make the brochure invisible via the basic settings, you will no longer be able to use it in the property.


If you are within a group, the brochure settings of the group apply, which you can find under Tools >> Settings >> Groups >> brochure . If you use the PDFdesigner, are in a group and have the additional rights to manage groups, you can decide for which groups the PDF template to be saved should be used. When you save, a new window will open where you can define the groups.

If it is marked as visible there, all members of the group can use the brochure for property.

Use modified brochure

If you have changed an brochure in PDFdesigner, then you must first click on “Publish changes” in the Actions bar in Designer. Only then will the changes be applied and you can use the modified brochure in property.