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Create PDF brochure

You can create a new PDF template with the plus icon New record icon in the upper left corner.

First you need to name your PDF brochure template and choose a starter template from the preview list on the left. Then click on “Create PDF Brochure” at the bottom right.

The PDF letter brochure is created and opened directly for editing. On the left side you can see the outline of your PDF Brochures. Initially, only basic pages such as “Title Page”, “Data Block”, “Image Gallery” and “Free Texts” are available here. Depending on the template, there may be other pages.
Above the pages you will find the “Basic settings of this brochure”.
On the right you will find “How it works”, a small orientation guide for the PDF designer.

The basic layout was determined at the very beginning with the choice of a starter template during the creation. The pages and their elements can be additionally customized. In the appropriate places you will find the layout pattern icon Layout pattern icon and you can choose from the different variants of the pages.

On the Actions Bar you will find the buttons:

  • Activate PDF brochure
  • Duplicate
    • Page
    • PDF brochure
  • New page
  • Preview

Individual pages can be duplicated using the Actions bar. To delete a page, select it and click the trash can icon in the lower right area.

The order of the pages can be changed simply by dragging and dropping. By clicking on the page icon you will get to see the elements and settings for the page on the right.

If you want to see in advance how your brochure looks like, you can assign a property via “Preview” in the actions bar and view your individual brochure.


If the title image of your property is not approved for brochures, the first image approved for brochures will automatically be used as the title image on the front page in your brochure.

If you are satisfied with your brochure and want to use it as an brochure template for your properties, click on “Activate PDF” in the Actions bar. After that it will be displayed directly in the list of available brochures.


If you use the group management and have administration rights, a lightbox will appear after activation in which you can select the groups that are allowed to use the PDF brochure.