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Use statistics

In the statistics board, the individual statistics are arranged as widgets. The statistics can be displayed as a graph or as a table, the time period and other specifications can be freely configured.

We will first give an overview of the individual elements of the module and then use sample statistics to explain how and what can be represented with statistics.

The detailed configuration of all fields and types of statistics is explained in the chapters “Create statistics” / “Change statistics”.


Please note: Only records that the logged-in user can see are counted. If a user gets access to the statistics module, he must also be able to see all records of his group or company. 
EXCEPTIONS: If a template with saved values is used, then the user of the template will see the same numbers as the user who created the template! Only numbers are displayed, no access to the counted records is possible.


Please note that all activity entries are updated at night and will not be visible in the statistics until the next day.


Please note that canceled appointments are not counted in the statistics.