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Use web brochure

Web brochure, like all other brochures, you can use in many ways, send in e-mails, offer as a link or prefix a revocation. In short, everywhere you could select PDF brochures before, you can now select web brochures.

Please remember that the web brochures must also be activated to appear in the selection.

What does the prospective customer get to see in the brochure? You can check this quickly, simply call brochure >> Web-brochure Name in the action bar at the bottom of the property and you will see the finished brochure in a new tab.

When the prospect calls up a web brochure for the first time, an activity “Web brochure called up for the first time” is written in the linked address and property.

Please remember, address macros or the language of text blocks cannot be resolved without an address reference. 

Webexposé in der Immobilie wählen

Here is an example of a web brochure.

Beispiel für Webexposé