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Project management

Create a new project

To create a new project, click on the “Projects” module icon in the module bar. Via the ‘New record’ icon New record iconyou create a new project.
In all other views, you can use the small arrow next to the plus symbol – via the ‘New project’ entry – to create either from a template or a completely new project.

After assigning a suitable project title, you can assign a start date and deadline for the project. Save the project using the diskette icon. In the next step, further settings and links can be made.

Project information

The following fields are available, among others:

  • Project description: Describe what the project is about here.
  • Project Requirements: Define the project requirements here. If this field is filled, it will also be visible in all tasks associated with the project.
  • Note in project tasks: Enter useful notes for the project here.
  • Project Respons: Enter the person responsible for the project here.
  • Type Specify the type of project.
  • Tags: Assign one or more of the tags stored in the administration here.
  • Status: Status of the project with options “In planning”, “Started”, “Finished”.
  • Priority: Assign the project a priority from “lowest” to “highest”.

So you can create any entries for the “Type of project” under Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Tab Singleselect >> Module Project management >> Key field Type .


When assigning the project status, pay attention to which functions are linked to it:

  • In planning: In the “in planning” status, the tasks that are linked in the project are not displayed to the responsible person or the editor. The only way to view the tasks is through the project management.
  • Started: The project has started. The linked tasks are all submitted to the appropriate agents/responsible parties.
  • Finished: In the “Finished” status, all tasks are set to completed. If one of the tasks of the project is not yet set to done, a warning will be issued.

With this, the following procedure is recommended: Create the project until all subtasks are entered as far as necessary. The tasks you enter are not visible to other users at first. Only when you then set the status to “Started” do the tasks appear for the responsible users.

Assign property and contacts

In the following, a project is created to simply add a new property. In the process, the photos, free texts, floor plans and site plans have to be created and entered. Furthermore, the property must be published in the portals. A link to the property and the owner’s contact would make sense here.

When linking contact and property, you have the option to assign the associated tasks to the project as well.

The next step is to create new tasks for the property. The tasks are assigned directly to the responsible employee. For more details, see the corresponding entry for task management.

The colored icons to the left of the tasks show the status of the tasks:

  • green symbol = status “Done”.
  • yellow symbol = status “in process”.
  • red symbol = status “Not started”.
  • red symbol with question mark = from more than 7 days unchanged status e.g. “in process”.


It is also possible to link tasks to several different projects.

Contact to the linked contact

The linked contact can be contacted via the actions bar. You can choose between letter and e-mail. This way, information about the project can also be sent via various macros .

Magnifier view

Once the project has been created and tasks, appointments and remaining activities have been linked to the respective project, it is possible to get a quick overview of the respective task, appointment or remaining activities in the respective tab using the magnifying glass icon.


Files can be saved in a project via the Files box. Multiple files can be uploaded at the same time.
In linked tasks, in addition to the files of the task, the files of the project are listed via the “Project files” box.


Please note that the project module is an additional module that is subject to a fee. You have the option to purchase this through the shopping center .