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The help menu gives you important support in the use of the onOffice enterprise edition software. For example, you will find here the onOffice News, the links to the online help, the training videos and the onOffice Viewer.

You will find more detailed explanations of the individual functions in the individual navigation sub-items.

This list entry opens a popup in which you can enable onOffice employees to access your version for a defined period of time. If the user is not unlocked, he cannot log in as a supporter.

The activation can be easily requested from our support staff by sending an activation link in an email.

Only users with the appropriate user rights can unlock the software.

A manual and detailed explanation of the individual tabs can be found at the bottom of the page.

By clicking on this entry, a support password is created for your user. This consists of one letter and four numbers. The created password is valid for a total of 30 minutes and can be requested by the onOffice support employee when calling.


Tips & tricks

In this category we present the most important software changes. If possible there is already a link to the online help to give you more information about the application.

Beta phase

Here you can inform yourself in advance about upcoming changes. The tasks are planned, processed, checked and then checked again before being uploaded to the software. From this point on, the corresponding entry is moved to the “Software Changes” tab.

Known errors

Known errors are listed here.

onOffice News

Here you can quickly and easily add new users, top up your credit, etc.

onOffice Shopping Center

With this point you can create your own credit account. A pop-up window opens in which you can enter your personal data. In addition, there is a selection option for your preferred payment method.

Create credit account

At this point you have the possibility to assign or remove another user from an existing credit account.

Manage credit account

These menu items are directly linked to the onOffice Online Help, to the training courses or to the onOffice training videos .

With the help of different macros you can make your daily work easier and faster. The stored list shows you all macros and their application functions. Use the macros in your email templates, letters, brochures, etc. and let the software work for you.

Under menu question mark “?” >> Macro list you will find an overview of all macros. A short example of how to use macros in daily correspondence can be seen here.

The onOffice Viewer is a so-called remote maintenance tool. It is used for online trainings, problem solving and questions. One click is enough and the free download is automatically executed on your computer. This will save you valuable time to install the program on your computer and our support representative can monitor your monitor for the duration of the call. In this way we can better absorb mistakes.

The onOffice Viewer is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Simply select the onOffice Viewer for the operating system that is installed on your computer.

Here you can view all tickets/tasks that have been created for you or your colleagues in onOffice. In this overview you can see the progress of the individual tickets.

Please note that only one time slot can be booked per customer.

Do you have a question that is not so long in coming, which is best answered by telephone, or would you like to make an appointment for a longer consultation?
No problem, you can arrange a callback by clicking on the menu item ‘Callback Service’.

A popup opens in which you can describe the problem and select a callback time from free appointment slots.

Popup callback service

Activation Support

In this popup you can decide which supporter of onOffice should get access to your version. You can also define how long access should be allowed.