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List rider

In onOffice enterprise edition, lists are a central element for displaying properties, addresses, tasks, etc. The widgets in the dashboard / statistics board are also grouped in list tabs.

Whether the list should be a table and with which columns or whether the data sets are displayed as tiles varies and is often a matter of personal preference. Whether then all records, a work list or only a filtered list should be displayed is also different.

For these requirements there are the list tabs and table view configuration in enterprise. 
Not all lists are equipped with it, but more and more are being converted to it.

In principle, creation, structure and settings of the various list tabs is the same. Via the various settings, the individual list tabs can be customized. 
View and content is stored independently per list tab and is also always stored individually per user.

The explanation of the list tabs is followed by a section for the table and tile view, although the tile view is not always available.

The list tabs can represent different views, table view or tile view. Another option are the widgets in the dashboard. In the widget again table views, graphical views with diagrams or maps etc. can be displayed.