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Create/edit task

There are several ways to create a new task:

  1. Via the plus symbol in the task management.
  2. Via an already existing address data record. To do this, open an address record and select Create >> Task in the action bar.
  3. Via an already existing property data record. To do this, open a property data record and select Create >> Taskin the action bar.
  4. Via an open email. To do this, open an email and select Create >> Taskin the action bar.


To define your task, you can specify a wide range of criteria – from the person responsible to the priority and the time frame. If you set a deadline in a task, it will be highlighted in red in the task list 3 days before the deadline ends.

Task management, edit task

To declare personal tasks, click the “Private” checkbox in the task. This task is then only visible to you.
With the rights system , access rights can also be assigned per user for tasks.

Responsibility and editors

Responsibility and agent actually describe the function of the fields very well. But there are a few additional features. Thus the two fields work together wonderfully in connection with the group module. Thus, the group can be stored in the responsibility and only the users of this group are available as editors.

Messages in tasks

Once you have created a task, you can send messages to the person responsible or to the agent, provided that one has been selected. To do this, use the entries in the action bar under “Message”.

Assign notes when assigning tasks

If the task is assigned to an agent who has entered a full-day appointment of the type Sick, Leave, Maternity Protection or Sick Child within the next 3 days, you will receive a note about this for information purposes and can solve or continue the assignment. You can suppress its display in the future. You can resetthe settings for the user notes in the user settings.


In the detail fields you determine the current status of the task. A reminder can also be set. This then appears at the specified date and time at the user who set it, so several users can set reminders for a task at different times.

Task management Edit task Details

Subject and job description

In the Subject field, enter a short title of the task, which will be displayed in the task management. In the Task description field, you can explain exactly what is to be implemented with this task. If it is a standard task, you can also use text modules by clicking on the icon Icon for text modules to the right of the task description. All changes that you or another user makes to the subject or task description are saved in detail in the “History” tab of the comment field.


Comments in tasks

Comments, questions, remarks and details on the progress of the task can be entered in the input line and saved by pressing “Enter” in the dialog window. The comments cannot be changed afterwards.
In addition to the comments, there are also system entries that are created automatically and document the changes in status or the change of agent.

The system entries are not interesting for everyone and separate the comments. For easier reading you can also just look at the comments. For this purpose the comments area is divided into two tabs.

  1. History
    All changes relevant to the task are displayed here. These can be user changes, status changes or comments.
    For better readability, the pure list of comments without system messages is displayed here.

Scrolling through tasks

Icons for scrolling through tasks

The inner arrows take you to the next or previous task and the outer arrows take you to the first or last task in the list.