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Multi-Object modul


In the multi-property module there are several ways to display units in brochures. In most cases, a predefined list of all units is displayed in the Brochure when it is created from a root property. In special cases, for brochures from the PDF Designer, pages are output for each unit or a specially defined unit list is generated.

Brochures about action bar

Brochures about actions of the unit list

Via the actions menu in the unit list, PDF brochures can be created from the PDF Designer, which contain the page ‘Unit list’ or ‘Integrate units’.
A special feature when creating via this menu is that only the units selected in the list are displayed. The filters of the pages “List of units” or “Include units” are taken into account


As shown in the picture, only certain units are checked in the list. Only these will be displayed unless a filter is set on the “Unit List” of PDFdesigner Brochures. If, for example, a filter is set that only displays properties with a purchase price entered, only the first unit is displayed, since no price is stored for the other units