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Multi-Object modul

New construction project – Immobilienscout24

To transfer master properties including units to the new construction projects of Immobilienscout, you need the additional module “Multi-property-Module”. In addition to this, another function to transfer to IS24 new construction projects must be unlocked for you. Please contact your sales representative for this.

You can only create a new construction project in onOffice enterprise once a project ID has been created in Immobilienscout24. This project ID is then stored in onOffice enterprise with the master property.

If the functions are enabled and the portal “Immobilienscout24” is activated, the category “Scout new building project” appears in the master property under the tab “Marketing”. The project ID from Immobilienscout24 must be entered in the “Project ID” field.

Please also fill in the other information. The data of the other fields are taken from the corresponding fields of the respective tabs. The fields Purchase price and Living area are mandatory fields and represent a “from”-“to” value.

If the project ID is stored, the master property including the units can be transferred.

If you want only the units, but not the master property, to be visible in Immobilienscout24, you must activate the “Status per property”. This allows you to control this in a targeted manner.

Please go to the portal settings under Tools >> Settings >> Basic settings >> Portal settings and click on “Immobilienscout24”. Here, “Status per property” must now be set to “active”. Afterwards you have the possibility to remove the checkmark at “IS24” in the field “Export to IS24” in the tab “Marketing” in the category “Further portal settings” in the master property. The master property will still be transferred to Immobilienscout24, but will not be published, but will be displayed as deactivated in the Scout Manager.


Please keep in mind that if you do not publish the master property on Immobilienscout24, it does not count towards the quota there, however, it counts as transferred for onOffice and thus counts towards the portal limit.