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property rotation

You can use object rotation to set your real estate in the portal using the rotation procedure. For example, if your contract with the portal allows you to list only 50 properties, you can add any number of properties to the rotation pool. This is done by setting the “checkbox” at the portal in the Marketing tab of the property. The check mark in the checkbox next to the status symbol of the portal in the list of portals is “Mark check”. For a description of the symbols and statuses, etc., refer to the individual adjustment

Please remember that if you use office groups and different provider numbers, the set number will then be allowed per provider number. So total number of properties transferred = rotation limit * different provider numbers

Attention, after activating the object rotation the real estate can be transferred only over a full comparison to this portal.

Objektrotation beim Portalvollabgleich

With each full comparison, the number of permitted properties is randomly selected from the pool of properties for this portal (all with check marks set for the portal) and transferred.

If certain properties are always to be displayed in the portal despite property rotation, you must exclude them from the change in the Marketing tab. To do this, please set the option “fixed in object rotation” to “yes” in the category “further portal settings”. With each fixed property, the pool is reduced by one place for random selection.

Immobilienrotation auf dem Vermarktungsreiter einer Immobilie