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transmission errors

During the transfer of the real estate data, errors will occur from time to time in the course of the transfer. This is mainly due to missing information in the property or problems with the geographical classification on the portal page.

The following sections are intended to help avoid these errors and gain control over the current status of the property. The errors are subdivided into:

  • Export errors: These errors are reported by onOffice. This is a response from the job server that tried to send the data.
  • Import errors: These errors are reported by the portal in the form of an import report. The portal tries to classify the property so that it can be found by the visitors of the page through the search.
  • IS24 Error: ImmobilienScout24 does not send import reports, import problems are displayed for this portal like the export errors in the job details.
  • Other errors: Orphaned properties that cannot be deleted via onOffice, duplicate properties, missing information, etc


If you have any questions to our support, please always provide us with the job ID of the last faulty transfer. In this way we can trace errors better and above all more quickly