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Export error

onOffice checks the real estate data for completeness. For example, certain information must be provided under certain conditions. For example, a rental price must be entered for a rental property. In the case of a commercial property, the commercial area must be filled in. Otherwise, the portal will not discontinue these properties.

onOffice checks these jobs so that you get a direct indication of the error. If the job does not run correctly, you will see a note in the details of the job view.


Most error messages refer to missing prices, areas or geographical indications. Complete your entries accordingly and restart the adjustment.

“FTP connection error”

If the transfer cannot take place due to an FTP connection error, there are the following reasons for this:

  • no connection can be established with the access data entered – at least at this point in time. Your account may have been suspended by the portal provider. Ask the portal provider whether access has been granted with your access data.
  • The portal server is not accessible at the time of transmission. This can be a short-term failure. Start the adjustment again at a later time.


  1. Transfer the property again and make a note of the job ID.
  2. Check the status of the job later. To do this, go to the menu item “Extras” and select “Jobs”. The list view of the jobs appears. Search there for the job ID that you just wrote down. Has the transmission been completed? If not, you can find the cause of the non-executed transmission in the “Error” field. Correct the error and transfer the property again


If you have any questions to our support about this, please always provide us with the job ID of the last faulty transfer. In this way we can trace errors better and above all more quickly