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Setup Facebook

Facebook is not a classic portal, so the setup and transmission is different from the portals.

Properties can only be posted on a company page, not an individual.

The access data to a Facebook company page must be stored for the individual user.
Prerequisite is that the user has been given the right to publish on Facebook.

Please note that you are responsible for the lawful use of the Facebook interface. For more detailed information, please always ask your lawyer, onOffice does not provide legal advice!

User right

In the user permissions , you can specify whether or not the user is allowed to post properties to Facebook. In the property category, please check “May post property on Facebook”

Access data

After the user gets the right for Facebook interface, the category “Social-Media” is displayed in the user settings .

Alternatively, the user can also enter or change the access data in the Property >> Marketing tab >> Social Media category >> Settings . The same popup opens in each case.

If you don’t see the Facebook sign-in button, you’ll need to loosen up the activity tracking settings in your browser’s privacy / data protection settings.

You can use the Facebook button to enter your access data and connect to the company page.

After that, you still have to specify on “Facebook company page” on which page the properties should be posted.

After the successful login, the “Facebook status” is displayed in green with“Access configured“.

Transfer to Facebook

Also the publication on Facebook differs from the portals, details can be found at Transfer to Facebook.