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User Template

You can combine these settings in onOffice as a template and assign them to a user so that the same rights do not have to be set and maintained manually for each user role.

Create Template

To create a template, click on the symbol “New data record” Icon Neuer Datensatz in the top left corner of the user administration and then select “User template” under “Save as”. Now you can name this template and save it. Please assign a “descriptive name”, then it will be easier to find the “correct template” later when assigning the templates in the user

After saving, the template is opened for further processing. The “Rights” tab contains all settings that are also available for a user in the “Rights” tab. Please assign the desired permissions and settings and then save the template

Template members

Since rights settings are changed with the template, a template can only be assigned from one user for security reasons. This is done in the rights tab of the respective user.

Also the removal of a user from the template can only be done in the tab rights of the corresponding user by selecting “free settings” in user template. The user receives the same authorizations that were set in the template. Please check the permissions directly


Should the selected user templates really be deleted? All users whose rights refer to one of these templates receive free rights settings. Please note that you must check the rights of these users again afterwards

In the template itself, you can see which users are assigned to the template in the “Template users” tab. For the reasons mentioned above, only a list is displayed here, no changes are possible

Change Template

You can change the authorizations of the template. In the “Rights” tab, please adjust the rights accordingly and save the template

This changes the permissions for all team members.

Duplicate Template

A template can be duplicated. To do this, please open the template. In the action bar, click on the entry “Duplicate template”, enter a name for the new template and then save

Delete Template

You can delete templates in the list view template. After you have disconnected all users from the template, select the desired templates and select the entry “Delete template” in the action bar under “Template actions”.

If users are still assigned to a template, the system informs you accordingly


If users are still assigned to a template, the authorizations of the template are transferred to the users when the template is deleted. Please remove the user assignments before deleting the template, afterwards it is no longer possible to determine the affected users, the permissions of all users must be checked!