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Create users

In the list view of users, create a new user via the New record icon “New data record” icon.


If you are unable to create additional users, please get in touch with your sales contact.

User” should be entered in the “Save as:” field.

Then select which template is to be assigned to the new user. Standard rights are always selected as the default.

Now fill in all fields. Most of the fields are defined as mandatory fields; it is not possible to save if these fields are not filled in. Please check the user name, as it can no longer be changed once it has been created.

When entering the password, a few things must be taken into account, e.g. the user name must not be included in the password or the password must consist purely of numbers. You can change the default passwords in the basic settings under User passwords .

Further details are not possible/necessary when creating. After you have clicked Save, the user is created and opened for direct further processing.

If there are no more user licenses available, you will be notified accordingly.
You can purchase additional user licenses via the shopping center or through your sales contact.

If a user is created that you no longer need, you can also deactivate it and thus release the license again. Attention: A permanently deactivated user can NOT be reactivated.