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Forwarding and distribution

You can create fixed forwarding for individual mailboxes or define distribution lists, i.e. forwarding to multiple mailboxes.
Catch-all statements are also configured here. Catch-All means: all emails to your domain that cannot be assigned to a mailbox will be forwarded to the mailbox specified here.

If the source and destination mailboxes are hosted by onOffice, you can set up forwarding. If the target mailbox is not hosted by onOffice, set up the forwarding and check it afterwards.

If there are any problems with forwarding, please get in touch with your sales contact at onOffice.

Create forwarding

Call the email administration under:

Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> email tab

Select the “Distributors / Forwarders” tab. Please enter the e-mail address from which you wish to be forwarded. Please note that this is only possible for addresses whose domain is managed by onOffice. Therefore, the domain must also be selected from the selection box.

If you now click on “Create distribution list”, the entry is transferred to the list displayed below. Enter the e-mail address – i.e. the destination address (host must be onOffice) – in the field marked orange to which the e-mails are to be forwarded.

When you have entered the address, click the diskette icon to save it.

Create distribution list

An email distribution list is a forwarding to several mailboxes and is configured like the forwarding.
After you have created a forwarding for the desired name, enter additional addresses in the “Destinations” field after the existing email address. Please separate them with a comma and a space. When all addresses are specified, you must click in the area next to the input field to activate the diskette icon for saving.

For the catch-all function, leave the field before the “@” empty in the forwarding. When you click on “Create distribution list”, the catch-all function is automatically set up. You can specify the destination or destinations in the same way as for Forwarding and Distribution.