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Filter bar

You can use the filter bar to quickly adapt the evaluations to changed periods, users or only for certain property / addresses. For example, you can use the additional filter to specify a property across all criteria – for example, only property with more than 5 rooms, property is in postal code area XYZ, etc.

It is easier to switch these properties on and off later, instead of having to replace one filter with another each time a statistic is configured.

You can find a detailed description of how to use the filter bar in the chapter “Working with Statistics“.

Data basis

You use the filter bar to influence the data basis for the statistics. The most frequently used parameter is the period for which the key figures are to be displayed in the statistics. 

For the period you can select “Adjustable” or “Fix”. If “Fix” is selected, values from “Last year” to “Current week” can be set. With “Adjustable”, a fixed time period is specified via the date selectors. 

You can also display, for example, the key figures for an office group and for a particular type of property. Only data records are displayed whose supervisor is the selected user or whose supervisors are in the selected office group. For activities, the supervisor is the person who created the activity or who is registered as a participant for an appointment.

The user selection does not apply to statistics widgets that have their own user assignment.

Which filter affects which statistics?

Which statistics are affected by a change in the filter conditions is displayed when you let the mouse rest over the filter field for a moment. All statistics affected remain unchanged, statistics not affected are grayed out.

A statistic for property is not affected by a filter for addresses and vice versa.

Statistics for activities, are not influenced by filters for addresses and property.


Based on the statistics of the selling price of the apartments, the figures for the 1st quarter of 2016 are to be displayed for the attic apartments of the Cologne Group.

The statistics “Sales price for apartments” are available. In the filter bar the group “Cologne” is selected for “Users”, “Start + End” is set to “01.2016 – 03.2016” and for “property” the previously created filter “Attic flats” is selected.

All settings can be applied in one go by clicking on “Filter”