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Statistics building set – Free statistics

With the widget “Statistics construction kit” from the templates you can add a widget with which you can create statistics according to your wishes. There are lots of adjustment screws in the settings of this widget. If these adjusting screws are too extensive for you, you can have a look at the sample templates of onOffice. The chapter “Using statistics” gives an impression of what can be set and how.

You can also save statistics that you have created as templates for yourself or other colleagues.

You can create statistics for address records, property, or activities. These can be specified as a simple count of records (“number of records”) or as a sum of values. You can use one of the numeric fields available in the address or property data records to calculate totals, but it can also be an individual field that you have created.

You use a filter to determine which data records are to be evaluated. This filter must have been previously created as an address or property filter.

You can perform the evaluation using a specific time reference (e.g. Published last month), display the current value or use key figures that you save each month.