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Save statistics as a template


 Statistics with stored values are records that can be accessed by the user who created the statistics. If you save the statistics as a template, all users of the template can evaluate the saved numbers.
 In this case, a user may be able to see numbers for a larger number of records than he actually should.
 Because the records behind the numbers were not saved, no user can access locked records through them. He only sees numerical values he couldn’t otherwise reach.

You can save any existing statistics – also with user assignment – as a template. Please enter a description of the statistics in the “Remarks” tab. This is especially important if you are saving the template for a larger group of users. The text of the comment can be displayed in the template via the info Icon mit Feldfilter icon.

The user ID of the person who created the statistics is displayed next to the title and the info icon. The date on which the template was created and for which group of users it is visible are also displayed.

The template is saved via the “Save template” button in the configuration dialog of the statistics. To do this, click on the configuration icon Schraubenschlüssel Symbol in the widget frame of the statistic you want to use as a template.

In the Save dialog, you specify who is allowed to use the template. Basically, three levels are possible: private / office group / public. You can only select the levels for which you have authorization.

Public templates can be seen by everyone, private templates can only be seen by yourself and templates of the office group are only visible for members of the group.

The existing title of the statistics is suggested as the name, you are welcome to change it.

If you want to save another template from the original statistics, you can change the existing template or create a new one in the “Save” dialog.