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Statistics Delete templates

Statistics templates can be deleted by both the creator and the administrator. Private templates can only be seen by the creator of the template, so they can only be deleted by him.

If you want to delete a statistics template, switch to edit mode. In the active tab, open the “Edit drop-down menu” behind the menu triangle on the Icon Dreieck Dropdown right side of the tab and select “Activate editing mode”. Use the plus symbol Icon Neuer Datensatz to open the existing templates and switch to the “Saved templates” tab. All templates that you can delete are marked with a trash Mülleimersymbol can icon in the top right corner of the “User template” banner.


Templates with “monthly saved values” are a special case. If these are deleted, all recorded data will also be deleted. You and the users of the template will then see a message in your widget indicating that the data has been deleted. The statistic is empty and you can delete the widget afterwards.