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Load statistics from templates

If you would like to create a new statistic from a template, please click on the plus symbol Icon Neuer Datensatz in the upper left corner.

The list of available templates opens.

In the tab “Statistics” (if you use the statistics as tab in the dashboard, there are other tab names in the statistics templates) you will find the default templates.

In the “Saved templates” tab, select from the templates created by you and your colleagues.

Information about the statistics is displayed in the lower area of the templates. The title of the statistics, the user ID of the creator, the date on which the template was created, and for which group of users it is visible are displayed.
An info icon Icon mit Feldfilter appears next to it, which you can use (if available) to call up a description of the statistics.

You can then change the statistics via the configuration dialog (configuration icon Schraubenschlüssel Symbol in  the widget frame) and save them again as a template after the change.