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Create, delete, change statistics widgets

How to create, move or resize widgets in general is described in“Tabs and tab contents“.

The Statistic widgets in the tab Statistics correspond to those of the _objektstatistik toolbox, detailed descriptions can be found there.

Based on the templates, you can create your own statistics or develop your own statistics from the “empty” basic widgets.

You can save these self-created statistics as a template and then use this template again as a starting point for further statistics.

Create statistics template

In the configuration of the activity statistics you will find the button “Save template” in the lower left corner. You can give the template a name and then save it. The comment that you enter in the “Remarks” tab of the configuration dialog is included in the template as a note text.

Load statistics template

The templates for statistics are divided into 2 tabs. You can find your self-created templates in the tab “Saved templates”.