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onOffice help in the search of the browser

Do you want to look up something in the onOffice Enterprise online help during your work? Opening the online help in a tab and then searching is too cumbersome?

Then it helps to include the Enterprise online help as a search engine in your browser.

Open the Enterprise online help, then you can easily add it as a search engine.

To do this, click on the 3-point menu in the address bar and select the entry “Add search engine” below.

onOffice online help as search engine

Now you can simply enter something in the address line (e.g. address filter) and then select the online help as search engine for it.

Searching in the Online Help

This also works via the separate search field in Firefox.

Online help in the Firefox search box

In Chrome and the browsers based on it (Chromium edge, Opera etc.) the online help can be added manually as a search engine. Depending on the browser, the places in the settings are different, but the principle is the same.

Open in Chrome Settings >> Search Engines >> Manage Search Engines, here you can enter the Enterprise online help as a search engine.

Add online help as a search engine in chrome

For example, for search engine you can enter “onOffice enterprise Online Help” and as abbreviation “oo”. Important, you must specify“” as the URL for the search query.

To use a search engine other than the standard search for individual queries, simply enter the search abbreviation (in chromium edge the keyword) followed by the TAB key in the address line. Now you can enter the search term.

With the entries from above, i.e. “oo” then “TAB key” and e.g. “address filter”.

Chrome, search in the address bar with Tab

Chrome, search result

Bookmarklet, what is it? Wikipedia says this is a bookmark in the browser, behind which there is a small program.

Don’t worry, as difficult as it sounds, you don’t have to program anything…

Please create a bookmark in your browser in the bookmark bar, e.g. with the name oO and enter the following text as address:

javascript:(function() { var targetUrl = ""; var input = window.prompt("Suche in Enterprise-Hilfe:"); if (input) + input) })();

If it doesn’t work… sometimes it is necessary to restart the browser, and popups must be allowed for “” so that everything works properly.

On any web page, you can then click on the bookmark oO to open an input field where you can enter the desired term.
The enterprise online help is then searched via google.

Bookmarklet in the bookmark bar for searching in the enterprise online help

Result list from google at bookmarklet search