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Statistical data Differences

There are several places in the onOffice enterprise edition where statistics can be displayed. In some cases, a stat appears to be displayed in several places, but outputs different values.

Not comparable statistics are:

  1. Values of the employee statistics can NOT be compared with the statistics of the user ranking list, the success cockpit or the statistics construction kit. The employee statistics show current values – i.e. live values – while the other statistics rely on historical data.
  2. Statistics on different users seem to evaluate the same data. However, a distinction may be made between properties and addresses, since the read rights to data records are observed from user to user.
  3. Statistics module and property / address statistics. The property / address statistics can be found in the detail view and always shows the values based on the data set under consideration. In the statistics module, data from several data sets are evaluated.

Comparable statistics

Statistics from the statistics module can be compared with each other and with statistics from the success cockpit or the user ranking list. If there is a difference between these statistics, check whether the data basis – the data records that are evaluated – the configuration of the statistics and the periods match.

Possible configuration differences

Addresses or property

  • evaluated value
  • Average or sum
  • Time reference
  • User or period fixed


  • Evaluated combination of activities
  • Average or sum
  • User or period fixed
There are various places where statistics are displayed.

Can historical data be changed?

In principle, yes! As long as they are changed within the first 7 days after creation. This means that the data is not only stored away at night but also that the data of the last 7 are checked for changes and overwritten if necessary.

If the 7 days are already exceeded, only users of the success cockpit can update the data by a mass update of the cockpit values. This updates the data of the last 30 days.