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Regional group

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Groups are managed via their own popup, which can be accessed via Tools >> Settings >> Groups.

You can only call the group administration if you have the corresponding user right “Edit / create groups” or if you are the leader of a group.

Group leaders only see the settings of their own group, so they also lack the list of groups and the ability to create or change regional groups.

To create a group, click on “Create new group” in the upper right corner.
A lightbox opens in which you can enter the group name and the group type. Please select “Region” as the type and then save by clicking on the “Save” button

You can create another group or configure the newly created region group by opening it for editing.

You can delete a group with the trash Mülleimersymbol can icon via the list of groups


region group Use the Edit icon Bearbeiten Symbol to configure the group. In the case of a region group, only the “Groups”, “Basic data” and “Texts/Design” tabs can be configured.

The group settings are opened with the tab “Groups”. To make it easy to compare the settings of different groups, the selected tab is retained when the group is changed

After selecting an existing region group via the Edit icon Bearbeiten Symbol , the groups belonging to this region group are displayed below.

Regionengruppe, Liste der zugehörigen Bürogruppen im Tab Gruppen

To add new groups, you can select the desired group at the bottom of the pull-down menu under “Search group”. Click the “Add group” button to confirm your selection.

If you want to remove the group, click on the trash can icon Mülleimersymbol in the list of groups and confirm with a click on “OK”

The tab “Basic data” allows you to define specific settings for the group. Please note that all group settings are above the basic settings.

Grunddateneinstellungen in einer Regionengruppe
In general, a section of the settings from the basic settings can be seen here. Some of the settings are explained briefly here:

  • Group prefix: Here you can define a prefix for the branch that is taken into account when the external property number is created. You can also specify the external start property number as a number.
  • Data of the office: Here you can store the relevant data for your branch office. These are the address of the branch office, contact details of the branch office and account details of the branch office. Macros can be used to retrieve this data and, for example, to integrate it in a free text.
  • Storefront TV: Displays the group-specific URL for the storefront TV.
  • Legal notice: Here you can enter a legal notice valid for the group. This can be output via a group macro

preMacros are a special form of macros. They can output preset colors in signatures or be used as permanent file attachments in templates. All preMacros from the basic settings, which can be specially modified for the group, are displayed. How to create and use preMacros in the basic settings can be read here

Regionengruppe, Einstellungen für preMakros