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Portal Settings per User

This allows you to store different portal access data for each individual user. Afterwards, instead of the settings from the general portal settings or groups, the data from the user is used for the transfer

Set Up Portal, Change

The tab on the left displays all portals that you have assigned access data to and activated in the portal settings. Click on the edit icon Bearbeiten Symbol to open the portal settings on the right side.

The system displays whether general access data already exists. Below you can enter your individual access data. The existing fields correspond to those in the general portal settings. Configurations such as property boundary or property rotation cannot be set here.

You can change existing access data here afterwards.

Please do not forget to save your entries.

Delete portal

Portals cannot be deleted here, only the use of user-specific connection data can be stopped. To do this, please click on the “Delete” button in the portal settings. All field entries are cleared and you can now save the change