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Request manager

Request manager widget

The widget is addedas usual, if desired multiple times. Using the Dashboard configuration, you can double the height of the widget.

You will only see entries in the widget from e-mailboxes to which you are assigned.

In the widget, the editing status is displayed via an icon in the first column:

  • Check: Icon Query machine ready displays a completed request.
  • Watch: Icon Request machine wait is the symbol for requests that are currently being processed or waiting for confirmation of the address data / email address.
  • Warning triangle: Warning icon for aborted requestdisplays aborted requests. Depending on the configuration, these can be, for example, possible duplicates or requests for properties that are no longer active. If configured accordingly, a task is created to the defined responsible person. Task number and more information can be found in the magnifying glass view Magnifying glass symbol, show preview of the entry.
    The line is displayed in red if an error occurred. Use the magnifying Magnifying glass symbol, show preview of the entryglass to view additional information and, if necessary, the task number.

You can read the current status, e.g. what is being waited for, in the “Status” column.

In the “E-Mail” column, the email address that was specified in the portal request is displayed.

Detailed information about the request is displayed in the magnifying Magnifying glass symbol, show preview of the entryglass.

In it you will find a link to the requested property, to the created address, to the original email with the portal request, the email template/brochure template used for the answer and, in case of the case, a link to the created task and the reason for the cancellation.

In the widget Icon wrench inverse configuration you can, among other things, suppress the display of a status – which helps when searching for specific requests – or hide entries for specific e-mailboxes.