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Assign addresses manually

The assignment to an address or a property is displayed in the so-called “mail header”, or “header” for short, on the right-hand side.

If the text shown below is visible in an email header for assignment, the mail could not be assigned automatically because the sender address is not yet stored in any address data record.

Set assignment


Clicking on “Assign / Create” opens the dialog for assigning an address data record. You can assign an existing address via the “Search” tab. When assigning an existing address record, the input fields function as a search. It is therefore sufficient, for example, to enter the name and then click on “Search”. If no search field is filled in, the last addresses called up are displayed. The desired data set can be selected from the search results.


Clicking on “Assign / Create” opens the dialog for assigning an address data record. You can use the “New” tab to create an address that does not yet exist. When creating a new address, the address data can be entered in the input fields. You can customize the input fields in Administration >> Lists . A click on “Create” generates a new address record from the entered data and links it to the email.

From clipboard

You can also create a new address record using From Clipboard . The advantage is that you can highlight and copy an address directly from another page or the email itself.
Example: If a new interested party or owner contacts you, you can copy the signature and paste it into the text field on the left. Please make sure that the correct country is set, as there are differences in address spelling from country to country. Now click on Apply values. If not all of the fields have been transferred correctly, you can manually enter the changes in the individual fields on the right.

Multiple assignment

Emails can be assigned to several addresses. After you have assigned an address, click Assign / Createagain in the email header to link another address to the email.

Open activity from email

If you want to open the activity of the email, click on the icon next to the Solve button. The activity opens, which can be edited directly.

Read the activities of the addresses from the email.

Solve assignment

If an email already has an address link, but you want to assign it to another address record, you can manually remove the existing assignment by clicking on the X symbol. After you have done this, you can assign another address.

Update address data records

An assignment to an address data record is made via the email stored in the address data record. If a known contact writes from an unknown email address, the automatic address mapping may not work. You can have this additional email address entered in the address record. To do this, also click on “Assign / Create” and search for the corresponding address in the popup and select the checkbox at the appropriate address. Now place a check mark at the top right of the option “Enter email address beispiel@onlinehilfe.onoffice in the address record”. If there is an existing property link in the email, check / uncheck “Create automatic search criteria” as you wish. Clicking “Assign” adds the sender email address to the address record.