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Read email

Read emails

Unread emails are shown in bold in the email list.

By clicking on a list entry, a preview of the selected email appears below or next to it – depending on the view setting. Double-click to open the email in full-screen view and the email list is hidden. Use the back arrow at the top left to return to the old view.

The arrow symbol next to the recipient shows further information about the email. Click on the Info-i in the tile to find the spam level, the result of the virus check and other technical details.

Print emails

To print an email, open the corresponding email and then click on the print icon in the toolbar . If there are attachments to this email, the respective title is also output.

In the print view, you will also see the linked supervisor in the address and property data record.

Assign address or property data records

Information can be found under Assign email.


File attachments to emails can be found at the end of an email. The attachments are listed individually.

Functions for email attachments

You can see the functions of the email attachments at the top right in the attachments area. You can download a ZIP file of all attachments via . If you have activated the setting “Provide email with attachments for download” on the Other tab of the basic settings, the email will also be provided for download together with the attachments via ICON MISSING.
In addition to downloading the attachments to your hard disk, you can also store the files collectively in the linked property or addresses. The corresponding buttons / appear as soon as data records are assigned to the email. If you only want to save individual files in a data record, select the corresponding data record next to the respective file via .

Appointments or business cards that you receive by email can be easily imported into onOffice enterprise. If appointment files are attached to the email, click on “Import appointment ‘file name'”. For business cards with the extension .vcf, click ICON MISSING to create a new address data record.
The appointment window opens for an appointment. The e-mail addresses of the participants in the file are compared with the users and then with the addresses. Matching people will be added to the appointment. The system does not import serial appointments or appointment reminders.
The “Create address” dialog opens for business cards. The information from the file is entered in the corresponding fields. You can check this data and change it if necessary.

You can download appointments and business cards as usual by clicking on the attachment.