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Voucher list

In the global document list, all documents, i.e. all invoices and credit notes, are clearly summarized in one list. The list can be filtered by various criteria.

As with most lists, the column configuration can be customized using the table icon on the right. The sorting of the list is set by clicking on the column headers.

The “Invoice status” column shows you the current status of the invoice (paid, overdue, etc.). Information on the status is displayed via “Note invoice status”, e.g. if errors have occurred when updating the status.

For the “Receipts” tab, you can use “Triangle icon >> Edit tab” to set which receipts are displayed. Which document type, payment type, which invoice status is displayed and the number of records per page can be set. Archived documents can be displayed at “Archived” (by default only non-archived documents are displayed).

Voucher list configuration rider

You can create additional tabs using the + symbol on the right.

Filter criteria are voucher number, customer, amount and the set period for the voucher date. For customer you can enter first name, last name, KdNr or company. Amount searches the Amount and Amount (net) fields.

The following functions can be accessed via the hover icons next to the individual documents:

  • Record payments: For each invoice, payments already received can be recorded. The popup “Enter payments” is explained here .
  • Create credit note: Exactly one credit note can be created for each invoice. The entire invoice amount is always credited.
  • Read receipt: You can open or download the PDF document.
  • Send document: You can send the document to the contactee. The email popup opens, recipient and the document as attachment are already set.
  • Open address: Opens the address assigned to the document.
  • Open activity: Opens the activity assigned to the document.
  • Open property: Opens the property assigned to the document.

Other actions

The following actions are clearly available in the action bar. These functions depend on the user rights . Please note that you must have selected the desired document in order to select an action. To do this, simply tick the corresponding documents.
  • Restore documents
    This function allows you to restore archived documents. All associated bookings will also be restored.
  • Archive documents
    By clicking on this button you can archive the selected document.

Note that when you archive documents, one-time payment postings and cancelled and inactive subscriptions linked to archived documents are hidden from the local and global posting lists.

  • Send documents
    With the help of this function you can (if all prerequisites are fulfilled) send an Email directly to the address assigned to the document.