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Appointment widget

Settings in the Appointment Widget

The Appointment Widget allows you to set for which users, groups or resources appointments are displayed. You can limit the displayed appointments up to one month.

termin widget konfigurierenSelection of

  • users: All appointments of this user are displayed.
  • Group: All appointments of this group are displayed, but appointments of the individual group members are not displayed. Appointments of a user who is part of a group are only displayed if the user himself has been added to the appointment widget.
  • Resource: All appointments of the resource are displayed (identical to the selection of a user).
  • Combination of users, groups, resources: Any number of users, groups and resources can be selected.
  • No user/group: If neither a user nor a group is selected, the calendar of the logged in user is displayed.

Different columns in the Event Widget

You can specify which columns should be displayed in general in the administration  . There are entries with “Dashboard Widget …” for the corresponding module in the list selection. Each user can use the list configuration icon in the upper right corner of the widget to customizethe columns.

termin-widget listenkonfiguration

Search in Event Widget

The magnifying glass in the upper right area next to the settings allows you to search for specific event types or for a specific subject. Click on the magnifying glass to open a pop-up in which you can specify the appointment type and/or subject. With a click on Search you will be shown the dates which correspond to your specifications in the search.

termin suchen

Temporary Calendar

You want to create an appointment with the users displayed in the widget and need an overview of the appointments so that you can quickly see the appropriate time period? Using the icon in the top right corner of the widget frame, you can open a temporary calendar showing the appointments of all users selected in the widget.
The selection for which users appointments are displayed is temporary, when opening the calendar via the module icon the normal selection is displayed

temopaerer kalender