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Birthday widget

With the birthday widget you can always keep track of which of your contacts has a birthday coming up. You can set how many days in advance you want to see the birthdays, from which addresses you want to see this and much more, which is explained in detail in the configuration. In addition to the name, the title in the widget frame also shows the corresponding configuration settings.
The birthdays of a 2. You can display this and other details about the address if you leave the mouse pointer over the address data record in the “Birthday/day2” column for a moment.

You can generally specify which columns are to be displayed in the administration , where there are entries with ” Dashboard widget …” in the list selection for the corresponding module. Each user can also customizethe columns individually using the list configuration icon in the top right-hand corner of the widget.

Like all widgets, the birthday widget can be added multiple times. For example, you can display the birthdays without reminders in one widget and those of the archived addresses in another and then decide each week whether there is an address that should receive a card etc. “beyond the normal scope”.

Configure birthday widget

Configure birthday widgetThe configuration is opened via the wrench in the widget frame.

  • Days; Here you can specify for how many upcoming days (up to 30) the birthdays are displayed.
  • User / Group; You don’t always want to see the birthdays of all addresses, usually only those for which you are the administrator or which belong to your own group should be displayed. The address range can be set via this selection.
  • Note reminder; you can store a reminder for the birthday in the address data record. In the widget, you can display the birthdays with or without or both. Memories that you have created for yourself count.
  • Note filter / status; In addition to the “User / Group” selection, the address range can be further restricted here. For example, you can create a birthday widget in which only archived addresses are displayed. If the Active/Archived selection is not sufficient, you can use individual filters to make further restrictions.
  • Select filter; Here you determine the individual filter that further narrows down the addresses. All filters that have been created as address filters appear in the list. You can use this to enter different zip code areas or evaluate the contact types, e.g. display only the owners.

The selected configuration is also displayed in the widget title, so you can directly recognize the different address ranges for several birthday widgets.