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Marketing Box Widget

The widget is only available with the additional module ‘Marketing box’.

With the Marketing Box module, you can see how many e-mails of a serial dispatch have been read. This is displayed in a widget for each shipment. You can switch between tabular and graphical display using the icons / in the widget frame.

You can configure the display in the marketing box widget.

  • Which shipping: by default the last serial mail shipment is displayed. After deactivating the checkbox “Always show the most recent dispatch”, you can select the desired serial mail. In the list, each serial mail with “Trace dispatch” activated is listed as follows: “Subject (date)”. The marketing box can be added as often as you like, so that you can observe several marketing actions in parallel.
    Depending on your authorization , you can evaluate your own serial mails or all serial mails.
  • Period of time: initially 7 days after dispatch are set as the period of time, this can be changed at will up to an upper limit of 100 days”

marketing box widget